Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Help and New Hope = New Possibilities

The results are in! I . . . do not have bone density issues. Well, at least anywhere other than my second metatarsal on my left foot, I suppose. I am glad I had the scan done, it's another thing to cross of my list and not have to worry about. Have you ever had a bone density test done? It is super simple. It is like getting an x-ray, but it takes a little longer. Easy peasy.

Met with my orthopedist again, which is how I got my test results, and he didn't have a whole lot to offer me. He talked to me about my cadence (yep, already doing that), getting new shoes when I need them (yep, already doing that), running on softer surfaces as much as possible (know about this, don't really do it), do my feet exercises (doing that now) and he wants me to . . . get this . . . RUN MORE. 

No, for real. Run more. No one has ever told me that! He thinks I would do well to run a little bit as many days per week as possible (he said "at least five") and then after three weeks of running 30 minutes each time, gradually increase some of the distances. He said when I do marathon training my long runs should be 1/3 of my weekly mileage-- YIKES. That is a lot of miles! He thought maybe I was getting injured because I was attempting to do such long runs on such little overall mileage and my body couldn't handle it. I guess even though it worked for all of those Galloway followers it won't necessarily work for everyone! But of course, it's just his theory. 

The work with my chiropractor is going well, too. She is helping me with a few things that I have never had worked on before so I am super excited about how this will all turn out. 

The other exciting new thing is that my personal trainer agreed to take me on as a running client and will be building a running/strength training program for me. Since we will be working together so closely she can help me figure out week by week what I should be doing and assessing how I feel. 

Right now I am plugging away at a a little bit of run/walk. In the last week I have done about 10.5 miles and am feeling pain-free. So far, so good! I also get in a strength workout on most days, but I haven't been good about charting it like I used to be. I should re-start my weekly wrap-ups if for no other reason than I will absolutely not remember my workouts or what days I rest/ran/strength trained without writing it down.

I have decided to set my sites on the Victoria Marathon which is ON MY BIRTHDAY. So that is crazy awesome. It is also crazy awesome that one of my very favorite people in world, Tara, is running the Victoria Marathon as her first marathon, as well. Now that I am 0/3 in marathon attempts versus completions I am not getting my hopes up, but it's a doable goal by everyone's assessment. 

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