Sunday, May 04, 2014

New Plans

Heading in to my last few days of "rest" with my wonky foot, I realize that although losing my marathon goal AGAIN really, really sucks, I haven't been too down and out during the rest period.

During this past week Seattle has seem some amazing weather, temperatures reaching in to the 80's on Thursday and several days in a row of sun. I seized the opportunity to do a lot of yard work-- digging, planting, spreading compost. It was quite hard, so I counted it as cross training. I have also been walking my dog most days and trying fitting in yoga and strength workouts. 

This coming Wednesday is the first day I can try to run again. It is supposed to be 30 seconds walking/30 seconds running for 30 minutes total and see how I feel. If I feel good, I can keep progressing. If my foot hurts at all, I go back to resting until I can run with no pain. Wednesday also happens to be the day I go in for my bone scan. 

I decided to start thinking about what my next marathon goal will be. I figure I will just keep aiming until I finally can run one! Sally suggested the Victoria Marathon, and when I looked it up, I discovered it was on my birthday! How amazing would that be, to finally be able to run a marathon on my 37th birthday?!

There is enough time to train for an October marathon, though the idea of trying to fit in my runs through a long summer of being home with the girls feels extremely daunting. Would definitely have to get much more strategic with my running schedule since I won't have the luxury of running whenever I want.  

Of course my next big goal is still Ragnar. I need to be strategic about my training so that I absolutely do not re-injure myself yet again before then. My goal between now and July 18th is just to stay fit, continue to strength train, and eventually practice running at night as well as through in a couple two-a-days. One thing I won't be trying out is running in the middle of the night-- that is left for the race! 

Onward and upward! 

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