Friday, May 30, 2014

Off Again

I had such a great week of running last week, but my foot achiness never really went away, which was disconcerting. By the time my appointment with my chiropractor rolled around on Tuesday there was once again a specific tender spot on my metatarsal. Crap. I know what that means-- no more running. Again. Going to take another couple of weeks off and see how it feels then. My foot feels only mildly "fracture-y" and so I am only mildly worried about it. Not happy to be off running again, but I know I can still make it to Ragnar just fine if I am careful until then.

Monday was yoga, Tuesday was strength, then I took a rest day on Wednesday. If I had known I would get whalloped with a head cold on Thursday I would have done a workout on Wednesday so I didn't have two days off in a row. Ah, well. No biggie in the grand scheme of things. But I still hate colds. 

I also ordered a new swimsuit and new goggles. Both of these things are very difficult for me to find as I need a long torso swimsuit and I have a bump on my nose that makes regular goggles dig in painfully at the bridge. I literally swam with a band-aid wrapped around the bridge of my last pair of goggles (super classy). I found a pair of goggles that comes with FIVE different bridges, so I think I should find one that works? Crossing my fingers. Anyways, obviously I bought these things so that I will get my ass in the pool at least once a week. UGH. I actually really enjoy swimming, but I really, really hate the driving to the pool, getting showered, getting in the pool, negotiating lane sharing, getting showered and dressed afterwards . . . I am apparently high maintenance. 

I am also excited to try out a couple of new-to-me fitness/sleep trackers. I am starting with the one below, which is the Jawbone UP24. 

Not sure that I am exactly the target audience for these types of things, as I know wearing it won't really change my activity level, but I am still excited to geek out on my numbers. Of course, I'm not running right now so I will likely fall below the amount of steps I should be taking daily. Whomp whomp. 

Here is the other new fun thing I am working on: my stability. One of the exercises I gave myself was to see how long I can balance while kneeling on a stability ball. So far it's not too long, about 10 seconds is my max, I think. 

One of my Ragnar teammates recommended a great book to me called Anatomy for Runners. I am absolutely loving it. The part I recently read was about how runners don't just need strength, they need stability. If you can't control your body in space you're going to get hurt, and strength doesn't automatically mean you can stabilize yourself. Neat, huh? If you're looking for an interesting read about running, I highly recommend it.

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