Thursday, May 08, 2014

Update for Sally

Hee hee.

There has been some (okay, one) inquiry as to how my recovery is going. Of course, if I didn't blog about it, it didn't happen, so here goes:

I was able to return to running on Wednesday. What this was supposed to be was 30 seconds of running/30 seconds of walking for 30 total minutes. What this looked like was a little running/walking for roughly 30 minutes while walking my dog. I was wearing my Merrell Bare Access instead of my usual running shoes with my orthotics, which in hindsight was probably dumb.

Thankfully, my feet, specifically my left foot, felt fine. No issues. 

As I look out the window it is pouring rain, and I am lazy, so I may not try again today. Tomorrow?

On Wednesday I also had a good talk with my trainer and she thinks aiming for a fall marathon isn't out of the question, but that I need to do a few things right now: one is to stop stressing so much. I am stressing myself out focusing so much on this marathon and if I just relaxed a bit I could find the joy in my strength training and some shorter races. So, the second thing I need to do is hit my strength training even harder: commit to it 4-5 days a week while I am getting back in to running regularly. 

Today, Thursday, I also visited a new practitioner who does, well, basically everything. She is a chiropractor but also does ART, Graston, taping, athletic training, massage, and I am sure more. She worked on my feet and reaffirmed I have "stiff" feet so likely a big part of my problem is that my left big toe doesn't flex how it should to help absorb the shock of running-- so it transfers it on to my second metatarsal, which can't support the stress and keeps fracturing. She also worked on my left hip flexor (I think?! Now that I am typing it I feel like I am remembering the wrong term for it) and my right hamstring. Ouchie. 

So, there's the big update! 

I also had my bone density scan on Wednesday, but I won't get the results of that until I go back to see my orthopedist. 

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