Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up May 12th-18th

The main idea behind this past week was figuring out if my left foot is really ready to go or not. It held up fabulously for a week then on Thursday I wasn't so sure it wanted to running any more. I took Friday and Saturday off of running and Sunday it did okay on a very short run. Will keep on working with the chiropractor to see what we can do, and am focusing not just on my glutes, core, legs and arms, but my foot strength, too!

Total Miles Run: 10.25

Monday: 2.5 Miles and Strength 

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 Miles and Strength

I did two miles in the morning with the dog, then one mile with Sarah in the afternoon before doing a strength workout on the deck together. It was a gorgeous, but hot, day for an outside workout!

Thursday: 3 Miles

Stupidly, I ran in the afternoon when it was far too hot to do such a thing. UGH. I did it, though. Probably good Ragnar training, as my first run will be in the heat of the day. 

Friday: Strength

Saturday: Rest

Sunday:  1.75 Miles and Strength

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  1. You are so determined. I admire that about you, Sybil. :)


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