Friday, June 27, 2014

First Week of Summer Break

Somehow, miraculously, I am surviving summer break. And not even really just surviving, but kindof sortof enjoying it. Don't get me wrong, it is exhausting with all the meals and the activities and laying on my butt by the pool for three hours (ha, yes, being a stay-at-home mom is so hard). My husband also decided to abandon us for most of this first week, doing, you know, a job so I can sit on my ass by the pool for three hours. So yes, he's actually been crazy busy, and not at home very much, and I have been "at home" all of the time with both girls. 

This summer I will also be all about presenting a front of "OMGthisisthebestsummerever!" because that is much better thing to focus on then anything else. 

So I've already mentioned how we went to the pool one day. I expected it to be crazy crowded, because it usually is, so I decided to be a lazy mom who doesn't get in the pool with her kids and I didn't even bother bringing a swimsuit. When we got to the pool there was, like, a dozen kids in it. Swimming in a huge salt-water pool overlooking the Puget Sound when isn't teeming with splashing, screaming children would have been quite lovely. Instead I read a bunch of Iris's new book, an uplifting little thing called "The Fault in Our Stars". You maybe have heard of it. It's a fabulous book. I had to finish it quickly so I was ready to take Iris to the movie. I also cried.

The pool

So far we have gone to the spray park, the movies, the library to get the books for the summer reading program, Costco (my kids love that place almost as much as I hate it), and had a middle-school babysitter come for my littlest so that I could take my biggest to the mall. Turns out my biggest and I share an unbridled enthusiasm for The Container Store. You learn something new every day! I think hiring this babysitter will be one of my smarter choices for this summer. While I can't leave both of the girls with her, I made the executive decision that is far too much for anyone to handle, let alone a middle schooler, it is nice to have her here to hang with Eloise while Iris and I get out together.

The spray park

I am sort of trying to keep up the plan to do at least one thing a day. Maybe a little thing, maybe a big thing, but at least one thing that the girls and I can look forward to. And sometimes I look forward to an activity simply because it gets us out of the house and not screaming at each other. We hung a little list on the fridge where the girls and I can each add ideas of things we would love to do this summer while we are all stuck at home together. So far we've done a few and we're only a week in. Yay for us! 

There aren't any exciting trips planned for this summer, much like last summer. It bummed me out last year, since I was so used to our epic Michigan trips. Despite those trips often going epically wrong, I did miss the idea that is was a "vacation" in that we were away from home, and near a beach. This summer I've adjusted my thinking about how to pass our weeks together and hopefully will be in a good frame of mind about it all. 

We shall see. 

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