Monday, June 09, 2014

Goals On Hold

As I've waited ever so patiently waiting for my foot to heal and become strong enough to run again I've also been slowly filling with dread knowing that a fall marathon training program should have begun by now. The stress over my repeated, failed marathon attempts is just weighing a bit too heavily on me and as much as I would love more than anything to have the fourth time be the charm at the Victoria Marathon-- on my birthday!-- it just isn't in the cards for me. I know this before I even try to run one single step of a new training program.

There are two main reasons I feel this way, each as valid as the other. The first is that training for a fall marathon means I will have to do a lot of running through the summer, and when my kids are home and trips are planned and there is so much going on, the last thing I want is a marathon training program to become a stress. I want it to be as fun as I know it will be (and as fun as my last one was until I had to stop running). I don't want to dread figuring out how to fit it all in. 

The other main reason is, well, I have a solid history of injury. Sure, maybe I can go out tomorrow and be healed and have all of my hard work pay off in spades as I move through a training cycle and marathon without further injury . . . but it's not likely. I need to have a solid base. I need to be running care-free and injury-free for at least the whole summer before I dip my toes in to a new training program. 

There is a lot of relief in letting something go that has been a long held goal. Knowing that the time will come to make it happen. I am excited to head in to the summer hopefully healthier than I have ever been, I hope the efforts I am putting in end up paying off. If not, I don't know where that will leave me, or what else I could possibly try.

My friend Sally is encouraging me to try a triathlon, which I am bizarrely intrigued by. Mostly because I don't own a bike, and biking terrifies me. TERRIFIES. I am almost 100% sure I will be run over by a truck if I ever try to bike in Seattle. But I am totally fine getting a hybrid and tooling around with my girls as training and making a triathlon work simply because I know I can swim/bike/run the distances required for a sprint. Probably not very fast, but I could do it. You know, if I actually had a bike. So I'll see. Maybe I will love it and rename my blog Sybil Tri-s Things, hardee har har. 

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