Thursday, June 26, 2014

Packing for Ragnar

I wanted to re-visit my packing list from the Ragnar Northwest Passage I did in 2013. I felt like I was very well prepared in terms of having the right gear for the race last year, but I have added a few things to the list, as well.

Last year I consulted many different blog posts about packing for a relay (yes, I'm a little Type A sometimes) and I think the best tip I gleaned was this one: pack three completely separate running outfits, one outfit in each in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Not only did it help me stay organized, it helped me dress quickly (okay, sorta quickly) and gave me a place to stuff my gross clothes after I ran. 

I think it will also be important to think about the times of day I am running. One of my legs this year is in the middle of the night, so I will probably want to wear warmer clothes for that one. Even when not running, it gets pretty cold at night. I was barely warm enough last year in a sweatshirt and sweatpants after the sun went down. 

It is important to bring everything you will need, but to not over pack. Even a 12 passenger van can feel cramped with enough stuff everywhere!

My essentials:

*two pairs of running shoes 
*three bags of running clothes, which was a top and bottom, socks and running bra (two bags also had capris in addition to my running shorts in case I didn't want shorts)
*complete outfit for when I wasn't running, including bra/underwear
*kindle fire for reading/watching movies (actually didn't use this much last year, but nice to have just in case)
*towel and washcloth
*compression socks
*arm sleeves
*The Stick 
*sleeping bag
*sleeping pad
*Road ID
*SPI belt
*phone charger
*reflective vest (required by Ragnar)
*headlamp (required by Ragnar)
*blinkie light (required by Ragnar)
*baseball cap
*team t-shirt 
*camera (bringing a Go Pro this year!)

Also a ziploc bag of running related things like: 

*face wipes
*hand wipes
*leukotape (if I need to tape my legs or feet)
*bug spray
*ear plugs
*blister cream
*body glide
*shower pills (packets of anti-bacterial body wipes) ((I might put these in my clothes bags this year so they are right where I need them!))

Then a ziploc bag of bathroom essentials like: 

*face and body wash
*shampoo, conditioner
*face lotion
*toothbrush and toothpaste
*two headbands
*several hair ties

Special food items for before/during/after running:

*running gels and chews
*nutrition bars like Clif Bars

Obviously, I will also bring my ID, some cash, a credit card or two, my phone, etc etc. 

Last year I had NO idea what to expect in terms of what sort of things would be fun. This year I will provide my team with cowbells, and we will bring stuff to decorate our van, a teammate is making magnets to tag other vans. Will give some more thought to any other fun items we will need to liven up the race! 

There are a lot of other things the van will need, as well. Things like:

*first-aid kit

Any other suggestions for the packing list? 


  1. No, but it sounds so fun!! I love packing lists. :)

  2. have fun!! one of these years I will run one.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I will pack many of these items per your suggestion (minus the female stuff!)


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