Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: June 16-June 22

This was a great week of workouts. It was also the last week my girls were in school for the year, so I doubt my weeks will look this solid for a while.

Total Miles Run: 11.4

Monday: Yoga

My last yoga class for a while since my class was during the day while my girls were in school. Yoga is something I will probably never, ever do on my own. I love my class so much, and I adore my teacher, and I just don't get the same warm fuzzies about yoga in many other settings. Hopefully I will make it to some classes while my girls are in camps, or I can try out some night or weekend classes!

Tuesday: Swim 30 Minutes

I didn't get my act together to get to the pool in time to do more than 30 minutes. It was a great swim. Other than ripping my swim cap. Mental note: buy new swim cap.

Wednesday: 2 Mile Run (and Zombie Tag!)

When I headed out for my run I mistakenly thought I had 30 more minutes than I did. Once I realized my mistake I booked it home and was happy with 2 miles. In the afternoon I hung out with my daughter's class at the park and partook in some games of zombie tag on the playground. Hello HIIT workout! Man, it was hard to sprint around like that. Some kids joked with me that they were faster than me, I wanted to point out that if we were doing longer than, say, 200 yards, I would probably smoke them. Haha. 

Thursday: 4.4 Mile Run

Left my PT appointment feeling a bit defeated, so I went out and ran a very fast (for me, especially since I run/walk right now) out and back just over four miles. I felt great, though it was hot, and it was nice to get a little frustration out on the run! 

Friday: Strength

This was a workout my trainer designed for me called Minute Madness. I set my HIIT timer for one minute on for each exercise, then 30 seconds off for rest. It worked really well.

Twice through each circuit/1 minute on each exercise.

Circuit One
*bosu shuffle step/squat
*single leg squat with bosu
*chest press with resistance band
*row with resistance band

Circuit Two
*reverse lunge on bosu
*squat to leg lifts
*tricep press with resistance band
*bosu push-ups

Circuit Three
*wrap-around crunch
*bicycle crunch

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5 Miles Run

I wasn't exactly sure what to do about this run. I 50% feel like I should take it slow and easy and not wreck myself even worse, and 50% feel like I should just kind of go "all out" if I'm not going to heal anyways. Dumb, I know, but I just have to make it through Ragnar and then re-evaluate. So, I probably shouldn't have run 5 miles, but I did, and I loved every single second of it. 

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