Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up June 2-June 8

Despite being off of running this whole week, I feel like I got a few solid workouts in and still enjoyed each of them!

Monday: Lots of Walking and Yoga

My daughters had a fundraising run/walk at their school so I participated by doing a few laps in a very, very slow jog. This day had the most miles on my UP24 tracker, clocking in at 16,281 steps, which was equivalent to 8.4 miles! I did maybe 1.5-2 of these miles at school, the rest was just going about my day.

Yoga was frustrating, because the instructor had us doing a lot of poses that required hamstring flexibility, which I have ZERO. On the plus side, my balance is really improving, which is so very exciting!

Tuesday: Swim (!)

I finally had a date with the pool. I told myself to just do 30 minutes, at any pace I wanted and taking breaks whenever I felt like it. I felt fine the whole time, and challenged myself to do the crawl stroke, which I am horrible at. I always feel like I'm going to drown. I did okay, kept it slow, breathed on every left side stroke, and didn't die. Some laps I swam breast stroke, because that is my favorite.

Wednesday: Workout with Trainer

Instead of doing reps, she had me doing each movement for one minute. The whole workout I wore 2.5lb ankle weights, which doesn't sound much, but by the end it felt like I was wearing cinder blocks on my feet. Such a great way to up the challenge! I did a lot of work with the bosu which required me to use my balance, obviously, and I did decently, I have to say.

Thursday: Rest

Still managed to get in over 12,000 steps (over 6 miles) even without a workout! I guess trips to Home Depot and Target will help in reaching walking goals, haha.

Friday: Strength and Lots of Walking

I did the abs workout from my trainer. Loving the weather and being outside on our deck to get my workouts in. I also got a lot of walking in this day, logging over 8 miles total for the day, which included a decent walk with my dog. 

Saturday: Yoga

Yoga on the beach! It was so much fun. I wish I took the time to go to the beach more to workout. Being on the sand is another great way to incorporate a challenge for your balance! 

Sunday: Rest

This was supposed to be a strength day, but life got in the way of my intentions and I didn't fight it. No worries. I do start panicking a little when I end up with two rest days in a week, but I used to always, always have two and gee, it was just fine

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