Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up June 9-June 15

Almost every day I start with walking the dog. We go anywhere from 1-2 miles, though with the nice weather, and having time on my hands, these days it is typically 2 miles. I feel like it's a decent way to get a little extra work in, to warm myself up if I am smart enough to come home and jump in to my "real" workout, and just overall a really awesome way to start the day.

I was hoping that the walking might be helping my foot. These days I almost exclusively walk in my Merrell Bare Accesses, which I love, love, love. I was thinking of trying to run in them, but not sure my feet are ready for that (inflexible, weak foot and all). 

Total Miles Run: 8 

Monday: Strength 

*Tae Bo kicks with weights
*Standing march with dumbbell pullover
*Single leg reverse deadlift
*Lunge with overhead tricep extension
*Tricep dip with leg raise
*Speed row with exercise band
*Plank with a row (and one foot on the ground! These are hard!)
*Plank to shoulder press (aka dolphin) 
*Side Plank with leg lift (these are super hard, too!) 

I definitely need heavier weights. My 8 lb ones don't exactly cut it on something like a deadlift. Why oh why are weights so darn expensive?!

Tuesday: Walking and 3 Miles Run with a bit of Strength 

I typically don't include my walking in my wrap-up, but this day I measured it, and did 1.4 miles walking, then 3 miles running, then 1 mile walking. I also threw in some ab work, push-ups and work for my buns (aka squats, donkey kicks and side lying leg raises).

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 40 Min Swim, 2 Mile Run and 4 Mile Surrey Ride

40 minutes at the pool went well. I tried to change things up, doing some laps faster or slower, alternating between crawl stroke and breast stroke every few laps, and playing with my breathing. Once I got home I changed in to running clothes and went out for 2 very hard miles. For no reason other than I was tired. Then in the afternoon Eloise and I rode a two seater surrey (a bike with four wheels) for four miles along Alki. Easily as hard as a regular bike ride, if not more so. Those things are big and heavy! 

Friday: Yoga

A good class, lots of poses that were super hard for me with my tight hamstrings, which was frustrating. However, the teacher also had us using the yoga tune-up balls and we did pigeon pose and a few other things that I loved, so all in all it was good. 

Saturday: Run 3 Miles

Nothing exciting. Other than I did it, that in and of itself can pretty exciting these days! 

Sunday: Rest

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