Monday, June 02, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up May 26th-June 1st

I found out on Monday the 26th that I needed to take another two weeks off of running because my foot wasn't playing nice. Cue sad violin music. I really enjoyed my previous 14 mile week with four runs and was looking forward to keeping that up, so it sucks. This past week I intended to figure out what to do with myself to continue to increase my strength, try to keep up my cardio, and not get too bored. Of course, a little monkey wrench of a Spring head cold was thrown in to the mix, so training didn't quite work out as spectacularly as I hoped it would.

The one thing I did do each day were my "special little exercises". I would call them PT exercises except it wasn't my PT who suggested all of them, it was my chiropractor! Maybe chiro exercises?

These include: "monster walk" with exercise band, "foot tripod" exercises, walking with my toes, and a new thing where I am working on rolling patterns. I am also foam rolling, rolling out both of my feet and trying to do extra core work every day.

The rolling patterns are kind of weird. Here is what it looks like:

This video has no words, but what he is doing is rolling front to back (and back again) WITHOUT USING HIS LEGS. Try this at home! Lay flat, arms overhead. Try to roll to one side pretending your legs are sandbags. One tip: lead with your eyes. Look where you are trying to roll. 
Can you do it?! I couldn't. I have to start propped up for now.

I mentioned this in my previous post, but the other thing I am seriously loving is my Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker. It is so. much. fun. I swore up and down it wouldn't change how active I am, but even this morning I talked my daughter in to going for a walk with me to add some more steps!

Will write more about it after my week long trial is over . . .

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Strength

The workout I did was:
(2 sets of each)
*45 "butt blasters"--put head/shoulders on stability ball, then hinge at the waist 90* then come back up.
*20 donkey kicks--on all fours, put hands in the handles of an exercise band and loop it around one foot. Kick that foot out and up 20 times, then switch feet.
*20 single arm high pull with dumbbell
*15 dumbbell deadlift
*12 side raises with dumbbells with arms bent 90* while standing on one foot
*15 each side diagonal row to shoulder press with dumbbell
*12 one arm squat row each side--loop exercise band around a stable object, stand with the anchor point to your left side. As you squat, pull the handle of the band out to your right side. Switch sides.
*10 single leg hamstring curl on the exercise ball
*15 lat pull-down with a looped exercise band, sitting on stability ball--loop band around wrists, then lift arms straight overhead. pull arms down and out, lowering hands behind the head.
*15 balancing bicep curl--basic bicep curl, just balance on one leg, curl 15, then switch legs and curl another 15.

It was a good workout. I didn't have a lot of time so I had to push myself to get through it quickly-- which is good. My weights aren't heavy enough for the things like the deadlift and single arm high pull, so I try to go a few more reps to "make up for it".

Wednesday: Rest

Planned this as a rest day.

Thursday: Rest

Unplanned rest day as my head felt super awful.

Friday: Yoga

Yoga was about the right speed as I started to feel better from the cold. Downward dogs were a little tricky with a head full of snot, however . . .

Saturday: Rest

Though technically a rest day because I didn't have a proper workout, I did do some yard work and definitely didn't sit on my butt for very much of the afternoon.

Sunday: Strength

The workout I did was:
(2 sets of each)
*12 lateral lunges (each side) with the bosu ball
*10 deep squat progressions
*20 push-ups on the bosu
*15 "get up get down" on the bosu with a 5 lb weight--standing with back to the bosu, sit on the bosu, then recline until back is flat, then sit back up and stand back up. Hold weight at chest the whole time.
*30 butt blasters with the stability ball
*20 chest flys on the stability ball
*12 leg hip extension (each side)-- with upper back on the stability ball, bend one leg and keep foot on the ground while the other leg points out straight and is extended out to the side and back to the middle
*20 dumbbell clean and presses
*20 leg circles (20 each leg, and 20 each direction)
*30 alternating leg abduction in plank position
*20 bicycle crunches on the bosu

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