Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cleared for Ragnar!

Well, as cleared as I can be. On Wednesday morning I saw my chiropractor and she said that my foot felt better than it has felt in a long time and she was confident about me heading in to a 17+ mile weekend at Ragnar. Of course, she knows I am going to do Ragnar pretty much no matter what, and wouldn't necessarily condone running that kind of mileage, but the foot is feeling good, and she is happy with the progress I've/it's made.

Since I am sure you've been just losing sleep wondering how my foot has been, here's the update: according to Dailymile I have been running steadily since June 9th. Before then I took two separate two week breaks to rest my foot. My highest mileage week since then has been just under 15, so nothing crazy. My foot has been slowly feeling better over the past few weeks. Weird, right? It's not 100%, there is still some general, mild achiness. Zero pinpoint pain on my second metatarsal. Everyone (myself, doctor, PTs) seemed to think this was a stress fracture back in April, but it's no longer really presenting quite like a stress fracture should. Stress fractures don't really ebb and flow in how they feel. I mean, you have a fracture or you don't. They don't feel better when you run on them. 

It has left me wondering: is it maybe not a stress fracture after all? 

My chiropractor and I decided it was definitely time for me to get an MRI of my foot to figure out what the heck is going on. My PTs told me they wanted me to take four MONTHS off of running to let my (supposed) stress fracture fully heal. I told my chiropractor I was fine with that, but only if we knew for sure it was actually a stress fracture and that four months off would finally take care of it for good. 

So after I go beat myself up at Ragnar I will go in for that MRI and then will have the answers. Or at least, I hope I will! Then I will know if it's time to take an extended period off from running (or rather, attempting to run) or if I need to do something else.

In other great news, the rest of my body is doing amazingly well. My strength and PT exercises have largely corrected my imbalances and I almost never have any of the hamstring/IT band pain that plagued me for so long. I really, really want to be able to get out there and put all of that hard work to good use! 

And that's that. 

Next stop: Ragnar, baby! 

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