Thursday, July 24, 2014

Team Everything is Awesome Rocks Ragnar NWP: Post Two

. . . . and after some medicine and food, everyone was ready to roll by the time we had to run our third legs. A good reminder that anything can happen during a relay. and to not only be ready physically, but mentally, too, so that you can roll with it. You can feel strong and amazing, then horribly awful, then good again. One thing that is sure: my teammates are amazingly strong, supportive and resilient runners. 

Resting at Coupeville high school at exchange 30 was one of my favorite parts of the relay. I feel like Ragnar is stressful in the way you are go-go-go while you are on, then "ohmygod, must sleep!" when you're not. So I appreciated getting down time with my teammates. We freshened up, sat around, and talked. Ray and Tara and I spent the exchange inside the school, the other girls rested in the van for a bit, then Autumn and Erin came and joined us inside. 

Using the wifi to check devices.

Ray, me and Tara. Triplets!

I love this picture. Just hanging out together. 

Erin taking "legs up the wall" to a new level. 

Van 1 and Van 2 waiting for the hand off.

Van 2 heading in to our last legs! 

Erin, ready to go! 

There is a definite mix of "let's just get this over with!" and "oh no, it's almost over!" when you head in to your third legs at Ragnar. Exhaustion has sunk in. Likely you don't feel great. Running again seem almost impossible. But you pull up your big girl panties (or big boy boxers) and you get out there and run your ass off. At least, that's what team Everything is Awesome did! 

Erin left to run just over 6 miles at about noon on Saturday. It was around this time that the van became less than stellar supporters. We missed supporting for Erin on this leg and again for Tracy on her last leg. D'Oh! Luckily my teammates could roll with it, and hopefully they aren't harboring any resentment. Haha.

And why did we miss giving Erin enough support? We were enjoying the view, of course!

Hard to tell, but there was a gorgeous view behind us! 

Erin passed off to Tara, who was rocking the best outfit of our whole team's relay. 

Team logo shirt and sparkle skirt FTW! 

Loved this sign on Tara's leg. 

Tara passing off to Ray.

Some of my teammates started to get very serious during their third legs. They were ready to run hard and had some goals set for themselves. Ray wanted water support on his leg, but wasn't going to stop, so Erin ran along side him and passed him water. Such teamwork! And he hit his goal, which is awesome. My teammates were speedy! 

Erin passing water to Ray during his third leg. 

Ray passed to Autumn, and I see now that somehow we didn't get pictures of any of their exchanges. Not sure how that happened, but it's a bummer. 

Luckily Ragnar got a great shot of Autumn running strong! 

Autumn had almost six miles to run before passing off to me. I was ready to go. My third leg was my shortest one and though I know I didn't have the speed some of my teammates had, I was going to give it everything I had. This worked out great until a side stitch hit about half a mile before the end of the leg. I walked almost the whole last but and was completely annoyed.

Feeling bummed, passing to Tracy. 

Look how cute Tracy's socks were!

My teammates handed me some water at the exchange and said "want to go get a beer?" Um, sure?! We walked from exchange 35 over to the Taproom at Bayview Corner. My teammates assured me the beer came in "cute glasses", which ended up being true. I ordered a small glass of hard cider, but everyone else got something more normal sized.
Beer is yum.

Our last van selfie. 

The stop at the Taproom was fun, and I remember laughing until I was crying, though I can't quite recall what it was we were talking about. Everything probably seems hilarious at the end of a Ragnar! We left the Taproom to go support Tracy, and then figured out that we missed where we were supposed to meet her, at the top of a big hill. Teammate fail. Hopefully we made up for it by forming a kickass arch for her to run under at the finish line! 

Bringing Tracy in! 

There is nothing like a Ragnar finish line. As all of the other teams did, we ran across as a team. I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. It was over! and also, it was over :( 

Van 2 with our medals. 

The whole team with our medals. 

I signed the huge poster for our team. 

We ate pizza. Remind me to tell you the story of how Ray got his beer . . .

Our medal! I think I like it more than last year's. 

Our official finisher's photo. 

This is the word cloud on the back of our t-shirts. 
We all contributed the words, and they are, of course, things we think are awesome! 

Once we crossed the finish line we said goodbye to van 1, ate pizza and drank beer and got in the two hour ferry line. And just like, the adventure was over.

You guys. Ragnar was awesome. My whole team was awesome. My van was awesome. Everything was awesome! In fact, we loved it so much, there are now plans in the works for other Ragnar relays in 2015, so stay tuned for more info on that! 

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