Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: July 21-27

There was a theme for this week, and it was: EXHAUSTED. Ragnar didn't injure me (thank God!) but it did completely wear me out. My friend pointed out that she was tired, too, and she thought the culprit might be losing that whole night of sleep. I think she's on to something. I also felt vaguely sore most of the week, like very low-grade DOMS. Anyways, I didn't have much in mind for workouts this week, and I certainly didn't deliver anything too exciting. I mostly focused on skipping a lot of workouts, but looking back, I see that I did four, which perfectly meets my summer goal. None of them were strength, however, and that sucks. I also didn't do a single moment of my PT exercises, and that really, really sucks. Need to get back in to that so I don't re-injure myself!

On that front, zero foot pain this week. Is it crazy of me to think maybe it's actually really gone now?

Total Miles Run:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run

It took a lot to get me out the door for this. I felt okay while running, but was tired.

Wednesday: Rest 

I had hopes of doing some strength or something, but NOPE.

Thursday: 40 Minute Swim and 1.2 Mile Hike

Still tired. I probably would have skipped this if I had to go at my usual time (like 7:00 am). Instead I had the luxury of going after a more normal wake-up time. I felt slow swimming, but more than likely that was due to being in the lane next to a crazy fast swimmer, haha.

In the afternoon the girls and I went for a short hike on Vashon Island. It was pretty short, 0.6 miles each way, but there was a 400 foot elevation gain on the way back up, so that was kind of tough! 

Hiking down to the water.

Friday: Rest

I set my alarm to get up to be out the door by 7:00 for a run. Instead I was wide awake at 5:00 and instead of getting up and just running early I laid in bed until the time my alarm was supposed to go off . . . then I promptly fell back asleep. Run missed. And . . . I didn't really care all that much.

Saturday: Yoga

I was looking forward to this, as it was my favorite yoga on the beach class. Also, I got one of my friends/Ragnar teammates to join me, so it was double awesome. My body needed some yoga!


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  1. Awesome!! You did way better than me! I biked to and from work Monday, and the rest of the week got derailed. Trail running is awesome!!


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