Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: July 7-13

This ended up being a great week of workouts. Not too much more to say about it but that!

Total Miles Run: 14.6

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Swim 30 Minutes

Didn't make enough time to do more, so 30 minutes felt good enough! 

Wednesday: Run 7 Miles

What a fun day! I ran 3 miles in the morning, then 4 miles with my Ragnar teammates in the evening around 9:45pm. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Strength

For this workout I got inspired and pieced some moves I either wanted to try from instagram or ones I already loved. I recently found melissamade on instagram and I love, love, love her videos! I have linked to her videos in the descriptions below. 

If you want to try this at home, all you need is a bosu ball and an exercise band with handles! Beautiful weather on a partially shaded deck optional ;)

Do each group of exercises twice through, 20 times each move.

Group One:
"Just a Toe Touch" from the melissamade instagram 
Bosu Burpees-- hold the bosu with the round side facing out. Bend over and put the round side on the ground and hop both feet back in to a plank. Immediately hop both feet back up to where they started. Holding on to the bosu, stand up then raise the bosu over head. That is one round!

Group Two:
"Like This Then Like That" from the melissamade instagram
Bosu Push-ups-- with the round side of the bosu down, hold on to the edges and do push-ups! Knees down, or knees up, or try a few with knees up then lower them when it gets too hard.

Group Three:
Bosu Lateral Lunges--stand in lateral lunge position with the bosu to your left, round side up. Place your right foot on the bosu, left foot out to the side. Keep right leg straight, lunge in to left foot. Don't let your knee go out over your toes, and try to keep your chest open! Rise back up, then as quickly as possible move your left foot on to the bosu and your right foot over to the ground on the other side. Keep left leg straight and lunge in to right leg. Then hop up on to the bosu and back to the other side!
Bosu Reverse Lunge--stand on the bosu, round side up, with both feet. Step back with the left foot and bend in to right leg, touching both hands to the bosu. Rise back up while stepping left foot up on to the bosu. Make sure you are stable before stepping right foot back off of the bosu and bend in to the left leg, touching both hands on the bosu. 

Saturday: Yoga

Was so happy to get back to a yoga class on the beach!

Sunday: Run 7.6 Miles

I set out with the intention of doing 7 miles, wondering how smart it would be to push it to 8, then found a happy medium. The first half of the run was nice and slow, about 10:30 min/mile, then I kept increasing the pace naturally on the second half, finishing the run with an 8:00 min/mile. Woo hoo! It felt great, though I know I'm not really in that kind of shape right now.

In the afternoon my family joined friends at Lake Stevens and I got to try stand-up paddleboarding . . . again. My first time was kind of a flop, I didn't really enjoy it because I found it very, very hard. This time was a bit easier, though still hard. I think the difference this time was the board was a little more stable, *I* was a little more stable, and I wasn't as scared to fall in! I thought my legs and abs would be feeling it the next day, but it was my arms/chest/back that were incredibly sore! Can't wait to try it again, and wish I could do it more often, it was a great workout! 

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