Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: June 23-29

This was a tough week to fit workouts in, but in keeping with my new attitude about workouts this summer, I am not going to worry about it. The only thing I am a little worried about is the days I didn't make time for my PT exercises. No excuse for that other than laziness. My husband was gone for work many days this week so I was only able to run once. It wasn't a huge deal, again, not going to stress about it, but Ragnar is looming. Of course, at this point, I don't know if running on my foot or resting my foot is the right call! Maybe this week was a blessing in disguise, haha. So, while I kept active every day (being a SAHM with kids on summer break means go-go-go every minute!) I didn't fit in very many structured workouts.

Total Miles Run: 3 (whomp whomp)

Monday: Strength

This was a very half-hearted attempt at strength training. Ah, well. Can't be badass every day, right?

Tuesday: 40 Min Swim

This felt good, nothing too exciting, but I definitely enjoy being in the pool. 

Wednesday: 3 Mile Run

I was worried my foot would hurt since I did 5 miles on Sunday, but it seemed okay. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Strength

For some reason, this was way harder than it should of been. I think I was just really tired, physically and mentally.

Two rounds of:
*30 extension/flexion with dumbbell
*20 bicycle crunches w/ shoulders on the floor
*20 forearm plank with alternating leg abduction
*15 jackknife crunches
*30 prisoner squats
*25 donkey kicks on each leg
*20 push-ups
*20 lunges with overhead tricep press with dumbbell

Sunday: Rest

I have no idea why, but my legs were SO SORE from Saturday! Sheesh, maybe I am out of shape already?!

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