Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: June 30-July 6

Despite being on vacation for four of the seven days this week, I managed to fit six workouts in. Whew! It all worked out really well, actually, and wasn't stressful at all. In fact, it was all pretty fun. I am the kind of person who enjoys working out on vacation, or at least being really active. There is also this little thing called Ragnar hanging over my head . . . I have to run at least the distance of my longest Ragnar run before the race. I got up to 6.3 miles this week and hope to do about 7 this coming weekend. Then that's all she wrote, as they say. The hay is in the barn. Or at least, it will be. A little bit of hay. Hopefully enough hay.

The good news is that while not 100%, my foot IS feeling better than it has been. I have been doing my exercises to strengthen my feet and icing after runs, which I guess is helping. Will remain optimistic!

Total Miles Run: 15.3

Monday: Run 3 Miles

My legs were still a bit sore from Saturday's strength workout (which is super bizarre!) but I felt good running. I wore my watch and was surprised that my "running with effort but not pushing it" pace was low to mid 9 min miles. Is the strength training helping???

Tuesday: Swim 1750 Yards

I finally remembered to count my laps this time. I also tried to do 2 laps of breast stroke then 8 laps crawl stroke. It took 45 minutes to do 1750 yards. 

Wednesday: Run 4 Miles

I did this run at about 6:00 pm, which is slightly later than I will run my first leg of Ragnar. I went to Lincoln Park, which is a huge wooded park in my 'hood that goes down to the Puget Sound. I wound around the trails up in the park then did an out and back in the heat of the afternoon sun along the water before trudging back up a steep train to the park. I ended up feeling pretty good.  

Thursday: Run 2 Miles and Strength

Snuck in a 40 minute workout before getting in the car and making the 8+ hour drive (just me and the girls!) to southern Oregon.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Body Pump

My friend took me to the Body Pump class at her gym. I hadn't done Body Pump in a long time, at least a year, so I was excited to try it again. I ended up going lighter with my weights than I probably should have because I knew I had a long run the next day and didn't want to kill my legs. It worked, I wasn't sore the next morning, except for my pecs.

Sunday: Run 6.3 Miles

My long run through the downtown of Grants Pass, Oregon. It was . . . okay. I wasn't sore from Body Pump, but my legs didn't have a lot of "get up and go". The heat got to me, and I just felt like I was plodding along.

Standing on one bridge over the Rogue river 
taking a selfie that overlooks another bridge. 

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