Friday, August 15, 2014

Not Looking Forward to Back to School

How is it that summer basically feels over? I am refusing to buy school supplies, don't even want to think about back-to-school clothes shopping, and mostly, well, I just don't want to send my kids back to school. 

The other day we received letters from school explaining some new changes for the school year, one of which was that the start/end times changed and 15 minutes was added on to the school day. This probably doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but over the course of a school year that adds on a few more days of school. And I think that royally sucks. 

We will spend our last couple of weeks of summer enjoying our free time, though. The bucket list of summer activities is no where near completed (but we've been working on it!) so it will be fun to go on a few more fun adventures. 

It's been a wonderful summer so far, which is a relief. Summer break can be tricky for me, because as a stay at home mom, I am used to having a lot of time to do family management stuff and also get in my workouts and appointments and person things without using up time I would otherwise spend with the family (or sleeping!) The girls have such different personalities, summer break can be tricky for them, too. Eloise wants to go-go-go. Iris needs time to chill out. I fall somewhere in the middle of their spectrum. Fortunately they have agreed on some kind of truce for the summer, not engaging in knock-down, drag-out battles as often as they were doing the school year (hallelujah!). I am so very much enjoying having kids at home that are, well, a true pleasure to be around, because they aren't constantly fighting. 

So what have we been up to? I have been posting a good amount of photos on instagram, but we've been to the pool more than once, taken an afternoon trip to Vashon Island (I keep meaning to do a blog post about that!), gone to visit Grandma and Grandpa, done a few amazing summer camps, gone for an overnight with besties to Great Wolf Lodge, had play dates, explored the woods, had lots of dinners outside, jumped on the trampoline . . . and many other wonderful things. 

Four happy girls finishing a ride on the Howlin' Tornado at Great Wolf Lodge. 


  1. We went to Great wolf in July, and had so much fun I booked a second trip in Feb with the discount coupon they send out.


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