Friday, August 22, 2014

Upcoming Goal

Summer is screaming to a close and I think the only thing I am feeling excited about is that I will have more time to train when the girls are back in school. Since I am feeling relatively good and I want to keep running with it (pun intended) I set a big goal for myself.

Drumroll please . . . . 

Ladies and gents, I am training to run the Point Defiance 30K in October. It's also on my birthday, so in addition to being a big goal race, it's also a birthday present to myself (and my family's gift to me as they hang out all day waiting for me to run around through the mud and trees!).

30K is no joke. It's 18.6 miles (and from what I read on Lindsay's race recap, it might actually be even farther than that!). That is really, really far. Those of you following along at home might know that I haven't ever been able to run farther than 14 miles in training without injuring myself, so that's definitely weighing on me. Luckily the race also has a 15K option if I just physically cannot do the 30K.

This weekend I will do a 10 mile train run. I keep thinking this is my longest trail run ever, but a couple of years ago or so I ran four loops of the Discovery Park trail, which totals just over 10 miles. Not sure yet exactly where I am running this weekend, but I suspect the options are both a little more tough than Discovery Park. Bring on the challenge, though!

I checked in with my chiropractor this morning and she did a little work on my feet and calves. My plantar fascia is getting a teeny bit annoyed on my right foot, which my chiro says is likely connected to my calf needing some love. She gave it some of that hurts-so-good kind of love in the office and sent me out with strict orders to keep loving on it at home. She also reminded me I have got to start doing my strength exercises again. When I left her office I made a mental note that those exercises are as important as my running in getting me to the starting line (and finishing line!) of the 30K and I need to take it very seriously. 

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