Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: August 4 to August 10

My new thing is I am planning on ramping up my long runs until I am able to run another half marathon. I don't actually have a half in mind, will just keep doing long runs until I am ready, then I will find a half to run. It feels much less stressful that specifically training for a half. Since I just love long runs, I am happy to keep doing them even without a goal in mind! My other plan is to make sure I run at least as many miles during the week as I plan to run on the weekend. So, if I run 8 miles on Saturday, I have to total at least 8 miles Mon-Fri. The aim is to keep my long runs to 50% or less of my weekly mileage.

Total Miles Run: 16.9

Monday: 5 Mile Run

It has been a while since I did an early morning run that was this far and it felt really good! Odd story: for the first about 2 miles before my turn-around I was following a girl who was about 1/2 block ahead. She was dressed in long sleeves and pants and did not appear to be wearing running shoes. Her long hair was down and she had on a decent sized back pack. She was just running. I kept thinking she was running to catch a bus, or a taxi, or something, but nope. When I turned around she was still heading straight. She was easily running 9 min/miles! I was so curious, what was she doing running that far and that fast?! 

Tuesday: Strength

I didn't want to do a full-on, kick my booty strength session, so I did one round of something I read about on Competitor.com called 12 Exercises to Build Your Running Body. I set an interval timer for one minute of work and 30 seconds of rest and it was a hard, short workout! Definitely recommend these exercises for other runners. Extending the workout in to two rounds would be very challenging, as would taking less rest breaks! 

Wednesday: 3.9 Mile Run and Strength

So I have been hearing about this idea of keeping the hard days hard by doing harder runs AND strength all on one day. Started the morning with a two 1/2 mile hill repeats and some more mileage to warm up and cool down. The run felt awesome! And don't ask why I didn't go to 4 miles. I have no idea . . . .

When I got home I did two sets of:

*extension/flexion with a dumbbell
*bicycle crunches
*forearm plank with leg abduction
*jacknife crunch
*prisoner squats (or lateral lunges in the 2nd set)
*donkey kicks
*goblet squats with a dumbbell (or lunges in the 2nd set)

Thursday: 40 Minute Swim

I decided to definitely not count laps at the pool for a while. I struggle so much in so many ways while swimming and counting my laps will mean that I will start comparing the workouts to each other and get competitive with myself . . . and I don't need to do that right now. Swimming is for recovery and cross-training and fun! 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8 Mile Run

I met Sally, Alma, and Alma's friend Andy for a fantastic eight mile run around West Seattle. We started in Lincoln Park then went north on Beach Drive before heading up Jacobsen hill. If you're a runner in West Seattle, you know that hill. The exciting part was we stopped to see the goats that live on that hill! They were so cute and a highlight of the run. After the goats we kept going up, up, up and then looped back towards Lincoln Park. The miles flew by, I felt great the whole time, almost like the running was an afterthought to hanging out. Alma and Sally are training for the New York City Marathon, so I hope to tag along on a few miles of their long runs. 

Sunday: Rest

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