Monday, August 04, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: July 28-August 3

I liked this week of workouts. I had two rest days, a race, a double workout day, a hard strength day. A lot of fun and a lot of variety-- works for me!

Total Miles Run: 13.8

Monday: Strength Training

I met up with my trainer for a workout, knowing I was in for a world of hurt. And I was right. Man, it is so much harder to get back in to strength training after a break than to just stick with it! We did things like pike push-ups, hopping up on to a ledge, side lunges, regular lunges, squats . . . my legs were absolutely shaking!

Tuesday: Rest

Holy cow I was sore from Monday. Like really, really sore. In a way I hadn't been in a very long time! So that was fun and also annoying. 

Wednesday: 4 Mile Run

Tested out my new shoes! Great run, though it was surprisingly hot even at 7:00 am. AND my legs were STILL SORE. I am getting old. 

Thursday: A.M. 1250 yd swim P.M. 4.7 Mile Run

Seemed like a good day for a double workout. Short-ish swim, 35 minutes to do 25 laps. I counted them so I could use it as sort of a benchmark to see if I get any faster. Of course, fiddling with my goggles, drinking water, adjusting my swim cap, once I weed all of my distractions out I might immediately become faster, haha.

My friend Ray met me for an evening run in Lincoln Park. I love running there, but it can get a little boring because you have to re-run trails to get decent mileage in. Running with him made me really push myself so that was extra awesome. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5.1 Mile Run

Grand Ridge Trail Race! Re-cap coming soon. Preview: it was HARD. 

Sunday: Rest

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