Monday, September 08, 2014

Back to School Happened

The girls are officially back in school for the year.

This past summer flew by at a speed I didn't even realize existed, which was incredibly disconcerting. It was, in fact, our best summer ever. Not because of big fancy trips or an abundance of special activities, but rather we just enjoyed being home together (well, for the most part. We're not the Cleavers.). Of course we threw in some fun little trips and created a summer bucket list that we did a decent job of hacking away at-- summer can't be ALL about sitting around the house. Anyways, it just ended up being (almost) perfect. A great mix of camps and trips and day excursions and down time.

First day of school girls. Don't let their expressions fool you.

But the first day of school sucked. It sucked a lot. One of my girls adores school and practically skipped in to the building like she's finally back in her element. The other of my girls, however, well, you might as well have sent her to a torture chamber. It really, really sucked. We have spent every year of her formal education trying to figure out what the best schooling scenario is for her, so far nothing really fits quite right. We'll see how this year goes, and will cross my fingers tightly. 

First day of school Menchie's. 

Of course, one bright side is that with the girls back in school I suddenly have many, many more hours of kid-free time. It is much easier to do all of my stay at home mom duties (cleaning, shopping, bill paying, etc etc) as well as all of the things I enjoy doing (mostly running). Pretty soon I will (hopefully) be back in the girls' school volunteering like I was last year, but I want to take the next few weeks to focus as much free time as I can on being ready to run my 30K. Kind of considering this training time my gift to myself for kicking so much ass as a mother all summer long, haha.

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