Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up(s): Aug 25-Sept 7

I got behind. I know, I know, my lack of posting my workouts has been devastating, I'm sure. Rectifying that now . . .

We were on vacation in Wisconsin for a long Labor Day weekend. So my workouts from August 25- August 31 went like this:

Total Miles Run: 14.5

Monday: 3 Mile Run
Tuesday: ??? (swim?)
Wednesday: 4 Mile Run
Thursday-Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7.5 Mile Run

As seen on my WI run. A rollercoaster! 

This past week, though, has been good. And hard. I jumped my mileage back up and hit 23 (the 14.5 was a cut-back week, I didn't just jump from 14 to 23.5). I haven't hit that many miles in the last six months, likely I didn't before that for a loooong time, either. So that's exciting. But I am sore. When I hear of people running 50, 60+ mile weeks, I weep quietly in my coffee. 

Total Miles Run: 23

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest 

Monday and Tuesday were travel/recuperate days.

Wednesday: 8 Miles Run

I went out to Cougar Mountain and tried to run the seven mile High Heels Running Group route. I did really good following the route until about 5 miles in then I got turned around. Luckily my phone/gps worked in the woods, and luckily the map on my phone knew where the trails were, and it knew were I was. I got back to my car only adding one extra mile to my planned seven. WHEW. Lesson learned: take a damn map with me. And maybe extra food.

Three glimpses of many, many amazing sections of the trails at Cougar.

Thursday: 3 Miles Run and Strength

I overdid it this day. The plan was to meet my friend Sarah at the track for a strength workout and since I was there I thought I would do my three miles there. Well, when on a track, you just have to push yourself, amiright? So I pushed it on the straights and jogged the curves for about 8-9 laps and took it easy on the warm-up/cool-down. The strength workout was more than I had done in a while, and I was sore the next day. And the next day (ie long run day) .

My set-up at the track. 

Friday: Yoga

This was a half-assed attempt at yoga at home. I will get back to my classes soon!

Saturday: 12 Miles Run

A great long run with my friends Sally and Alma. They plotted a route that started at Gasworks Park, went over to the UW campus, north through Ravenna park, west towards Greenlake, around Greenlake, and then back south to Gasworks. I won't lie, my body was pretty sore afterwards. An ice bath would have been lovely.

Saturday's Route.

Sunday: Rest

FIVE MORE WEEKS until the 30K! 

My workout plans are all set until then. Sundays off, Mondays a four mile run, Tuesdays strength, Wednesdays my medium distance run, Thursdays three mile run plus strength, Friday yoga, Saturday long run. Trying to figure out if I can fit in a swim in there somewhere. 

If I can make it to this 30K without breaking apart, and then run it without breaking apart, I do think I will step back for a little bit. A few weeks maybe? Then ramp back up towards a new goal. I like the idea of shooting for a 50K, we shall see, though.

p.s. all of these photos (except for the map) are from my instagram. Are we following each other there? 

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