Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making it to the Start Line of a 30K Uninjured

Since I have a significant history of injury, I thought it might be nice to share how I managed to get myself back together, healthy, and ready to run a 30K in case it helps anyone else who is struggling with injury.

While I have been free of any true injuries this training cycle, I still had a few little things pop up here and there. Soreness in my left foot (where I thought I had a stress fracture), tightness/soreness in my left knee and some tightness in my right hip flexor. That said, it was all manageable and when I lined up for my 30K I was 100% pain/tightness/soreness/etc -free!

Here's what I think has been key to staying injury:

Chiropractic Treatments: I couldn't have gotten healthy without my chiropractor. Initially I saw her because I wanted an ART treatment, but she did/does all sorts of things-- I don't even know what category they all fall in to. I see her on average every three weeks (it's been every two weeks getting close to the race) and she is a miracle worker. I have even walked in to her office with a specific tight/ouchy spot and walk out 100% pain-free. Really. So if you have access to a good one, find a chiropractor! If you are in Seattle and want the name of mine, let me know and I will give you her info. She treats a lot of runners, including ultra runners.

Strength Training: Taking the time to strength train twice a week has been invaluable. Nothing fancy-- it's stuff I can do at home, like lunges, squats, push-ups, ab work. Using bosu and stability balls help bring an extra challenge to the workouts plus they help me work on my balance. I mix it up every workout to keep it interesting.

Specific Strength Exercises and Stretches: There are a handful of exercises I do because they were specifically given to me by my PT and chiropractor. I do these 4-5 times a week. Things like "monster walks" with an exercise band around my ankles and "dead bugs" which is for my core. 

Yoga: Doing yoga at least once a week has been fantastic. It stretches me out, improves my balance and strength and helps me work on my breathing. 

Foam Rolling: I foam roll and break out my yoga tune up balls 4-5 times a week. 

Self-Massage: My calves and feet get dug in to several times a week. When my plantar fascia is getting tight I immediately work on my calves-- seems strange, right? But it works! My chiropractor taught me this trick and she was right. 

Running on Trails: For real, my body has responded really well to the trails. In the past several weeks I have run over 75% of my runs on the trails and I don't feel totally wrecked after my long runs. 

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