Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Oct 20- Oct 26

I attempted to resume a normal training schedule this past week. The week after the 30K I took mostly off. Just a little yoga and I was good. It was a busy week, so I was happy to have a break. Somehow, I tried to start back with a week that included one more workout (another yoga class) than I usually have, but less time to complete it all in. On top of everything else, it was a recipe for stress and exhaustion. My runs this week were feeling all very blah. I was totally fine ending runs early and didn't feel like getting out of the house for a single one of them. 

It would be helpful to include one major piece of information on why I am doing all of this: I want to run a trail marathon in November. Yes, I want to, but I'm not fully committed to it yet. I hope to use the training and 30K as a solid base to be able to pull this off, but I'm honestly not super excited about it. I want to do it but I'm not like "rah! rah! let's do this marathon!!!!" More like, "yeah, I could do that, which is super cool, so I should." 

Since I was racking up runs this week that were mostly "eh" I thought I might be burned out. I might be done training for this cycle and it was time to back off. As I dragged myself around getting ready for Sunday's long run when I would have rather been in bed, I told myself, if this run sucks, bail on the marathon idea.

Well, lo and behold, the long run was fantastic. Every single footstep felt amazing. I loved the entire thing. I am still not 100% behind the marathon, but am much more positive about it now than I was last week.

Total Miles Run: 22.6 (maybe. my Garmin hasn't been great at accurately determining mileage lately)

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 4 Miles Run and Strength

The strength workout I did with my friend at her new gym and it killed my legs and glutes! It was incredible how sore I was the next day. For the run, I ran back and forth to my chiropractic appointment. Uphill there, downhill home!

Wednesday: 3 Miles Run

Around the 'hood. 

Thursday: Strength (sort of)

Didn't have the time/energy for a proper strength workout so I sort of half-assed it. 

Friday: 5.6 Miles Run and Yoga

Two loops at Discovery Park. First loop I went too fast and felt crummy on the second.

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: 10 (likely closer to 11) Miles Run

I met a friend and two of her friends for a run in Carkeek Park. It was a gorgeous system of trails, lots of up and down and up and down and then getting over downed branches and trees from the wind storm the night before. We kept the pace extremely slow, which was alright by me. The run felt great. 

****Friday is the last day to enter my contest to win an entry to any U.S. Spartan Race!****

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