Thursday, October 02, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Sept 22- Sept 28

My highest mileage week EVER. Wow. How exciting! I went in to this week feeling, well, not that good. I had a really hard long run the previous Saturday that left my quads just dead, plus there was a lingering soreness in my right hip flexor and left inner knee. I wasn't sure how I would do on Monday's run, but it went fine (other than walking a steep downhill instead of running it!). A massage on Monday helped, as did lots of foam rolling and self-massage at home. I also saw my chiropractor on Friday, which always helps. 

Total Miles Run: 32

Monday: 4 Mile Run

A sort of "get it done" run at Lincoln Park.

Tuesday: Strength

I wore ankle weights and did 50 each of:

*extension/flexion with an 8 lb weight
*crunches on bosu 
*plank with leg abduction
*dead bugs (no ankle weights for this one!)
*single leg squats
*donkey kicks
*bosu push-ups
*side lunges on the bosu

Wednesday: 8 Mile Run

A very fun, and wet!, run at Bridle Trails State Park.

Thursday: 4 Mile and Strength

Did this run on my ol' favorite paved trail. Strength workout was:

*crunches with weight
*bent over rows with weight
*windshield wipers
*chest presses with weight
*lunges with overhead tricep extension
*marching bridges
*tae bo kicks with weight
*single leg deadlifts
*dead bugs
*lateral raises with squat
*donkey kicks with band

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 16 Mile Run

I will write more about this run. Whew. It was a doozy. I did it on the trails at Cougar Mountain and it took 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Sunday: Rest

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