Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: September 28- October 4

Taper week, woo hoo! I felt great on almost all of my runs this week, THANK GOODNESS. I was so nervous after how hard my 16 miler was. 

Total Miles Run: 23

Monday: 4 Miles Run

I ran at Seward Park and tried to throw in a few faster miles. I felt blah, but that is pretty standard for my Monday runs.

Tuesday: Strength

Wednesday: 6 Miles Run

I checked out a different part of the Grand Ridge Trail, it included a lot of climbing. Mostly I felt great and it was fun to see a new trail.

Elevation of Grand Ridge Trail run.

Thursday: 3 Miles Run and Strength

Simple out and back on a paved trail, nothing fancy. Strength was a quick run through:

*extension/flexion with a weight
*bicycle crunches
*plank with alternating leg abductions
*donkey kicks with exercise band
*lateral lunges
*squats with bicep curls

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 10 Miles Run

This was a great run at Cougar! I did the whole thing by myself, which wasn't initially what I would have liked, but I ended up being really glad I had the chance to push through on my own. I felt so good, and finished the run a full minute per mile faster than the last time I did a 10 mile run at Cougar! This even included two very long and steep climbs at the end:

Elevation of Cougar Mountain run.

I am so glad I had a really successful long-ish run after the previous week's 16 miler that was so hard. It really helped boost my confidence going in to this weekend's race!

Sunday: Yoga (sort of)

Trying out a family yoga class with my girls, so while it's still yoga, it's not as "rigorous" as my usual class. 

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