Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Just four more sleeps until I run 26.2 miles through the woods.

This whole marathon thing is driving me crazy. One part of me is completely freaked out, like it shouldn't even be possible, and definitely not sane, to attempt to run that far. 

The other part of me,which is most of me, is just ready to run! Is it incredibly naive of me to think this race is just going to be the most fun, incredible challenge ever? I have probably been spending too much time with ultramarathoners, because sometimes I even catch myself thinking,
"well, it's just a marathon . . . "

My long run partner Stacey is running a 50K on the same day as my marathon, in fact.

Stacey and I on Tiger Mountain during a kinda brutal training run.

I do think that because this race is so low-key, a small trail race through the woods, I am not getting worked up about it. There won't be a huge start or finish line. No medals. Likely no spectators except for a few at the start/middle/finish. I will be running alone for a lot of the race. My family will be dropping me off and meeting me at the finish when I am done. There isn't really anywhere for them to hang out out there while I run for roughly six hours anyways, so it's completely fine with me to have them be home!

The weather is looking interesting on race day with a high of 45, low of 36. Maybe a little rain? I don't even know how to dress for that, as I haven't run in weather that cold in a long time! I am thinking layers, probably a warm headband, definitely some gloves. I didn't know if I should use a drop bag, but I *think* I decided not to. Well, unless the chance of rain goes up, I might want to have an extra pair of socks of something. Other than that, I should be able to carry everything I need right on me. Yay for the Ultra Vesta!

My last long run was seven miles. To be honest, outside of that, I will have run very, very little in the last two weeks before the race. Smart or stupid? Guess I will find out on race day! I have been active in general, just not many official workouts. As far as I can tell, "the hay is in the barn" and running a bunch of miles in these last two weeks wouldn't really help that much at this point, anyways.

Stacey was asking me what my recovery plans are, and I guess I'm not exactly sure. For sure zero running for at least a week, likely two. Definitely lots of yoga! After that I need to figure out how much I should run to keep up a basic level of fitness before starting to train for my next goal!

And what is that you might ask?

Stacey and are going to sign up for the Sun Mountain 50K in May! Wowsa. It's crazy. But exciting!

So anyways, wish me luck!

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  1. Wait, what? You're going to sign up for a 50k???? SO freaking awesome. I can't wait to hear about your race!!


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