Friday, November 21, 2014

Marathon Recovery

My favorite race photo from the marathon! 
Both feet off the ground, aw yeah.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent kind messages about this whole marathon thing. I really appreciate it, and it has been so much to share this experience with other people! One thing I have heard a few times is how amazing it is that I remained so determined to run a marathon despite months-- years!-- of setbacks. I appreciate the kudos, but I don't really find my determination that unusual. While most people might not feel this way about an endurance challenge, like running a marathon, I am sure everyone has something they would keep working towards no matter what road blocks they face. There is nothing else in my life I have focused on in the way I have focused on this marathon. It's been an incredible journey, in many, many ways!

Recovery has gone really well. Besides yoga on Monday and a light upper-body strength workout on Tuesday I've been keeping things really easy. A few short walks, but no running! Running won't resume until later next week, at the earliest. I am not only trying to ensure I recover properly, but also enjoy the down time. As this down time coincides with a short family vacation AND Thanksgiving-- well, let's just say I will be lucky if I don't turn in to a sloth!

In seriousness, though, I have a bit of a plan. It involves the aforementioned recovery from the race-- two weeks off from running or any sort of planned strength training. After that, on December 1st, I will resume strength training and some running. Not exactly sure what that running will look like, but mostly I am thinking whatever the heck I want it to. I hope to meet the High Heels Running Group for some runs now that I don't have scheduling conflicts every.single.week. anymore. I also hope to try and run with my other friends more.

In addition to getting back in to the strength training and easing in to my running, I also want to focus more on nutrition (outside of running-- I have nutrition during my runs down pat) and my foam rolling/stretching/PT exercises. I completely nailed most of this leading up to the 30K, but in the month between that race and my marathon, I seriously fell off the bandwagon, which sucks, because that is what has been a huge piece in keeping me healthy.

Then, on Monday, January 26th, I need to be ready to start 50K training. Did I mention the 50K? My goal is to run the Sun Mountain 50K on May 16th. I have heard so many wonderful things about this race, and my trail running bestie Stacey is planning to run it, too! As I did with my 30K/marathon training, I will be running just about the fewest miles possible in order to stay healthy and still pull off the race. I checked out the training plans from Relentless Forward Progress and even the one that averaged 50 miles a week was too much running for me. I will likely use the 16 week one from Competitor-- Stacey had a lot of success with it for her 50K-- but I will cut the miles back even more to accommodate yoga and strength training.

So that's that! 

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  1. Woohoo!! That's so awesome. I'd say to go back and take another look at the training plan I sent you. It's pretty minimal miles for 50k training and has a lot of accommodation for cross-training.


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