Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2015 Races (So Far)

The entire first half of 2015 centers around the Sun Mountain 50k. 50k! Have I mentioned this yet? Haha.

I have a couple of other races leading up to it that I will run "for fun". Which means, no goals other than to have fun and feel good at the finish. Then again, those are the only two goals I have had for races for the last couple of years. They are decent goals, as my main priority has been upping my distance, so finishing the distance = WIN and automatic PR! 

Anyways, the first race I have coming up is in February, the Frost Eagle half marathon at Soaring Eagle Park on February 7th. I haven't yet run in Soaring Eagle Park so I am excited about the race! It is in week two of 50k training, so it should be a great way to kick things off and have a nice long, supported run.

The second race I have registered for is the Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler on April 12th. My trail running partner Stacey ran this last April and loved it so she wrangled a few of us in to signing up with her for the 2015 race. Besides getting to have a girls' weekend that centers around running (which sounds amazing!) I am extremely excited to visit the Bend/Sisters area of Oregon, where the race is held. The other exciting thing about this race is it was the first time I was ever able to register for a race on Ultra Signup! 

And the third race on my calendar, the big kahuna, is the Sun Mountain 50k on May 16th. It was my second ever Ultra Signup race. Haha. Half of me is like, 50k? Bring it on! I know I can do it, and am so very excited about the distance, I just hope my body holds up. It did great as I trained for the 30k and then the marathon, but I am still very, very nervous that something will go wrong. It will also be my first Rainshadow Running race, which are kind of infamous around these parts for being incredible races.

Between the Rumble and the 50k I will have to run a marathon, but I haven't seen a local trail marathon show up on any race calendars, so likely Stacey and I will end up running it somewhere on our own. I won't even lie-- the idea of running 26.2 as a training run is beyond exciting to me. Really. For real. Apparently I have many screws loose.

Bring it on, 2015! 

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