Thursday, December 18, 2014

Doing What is Fun

Not having a training plan is throwing me for a loop. What do I do with my "time off"? Am I running too little? Too much? Maybe both, depending on the day? It's sort of crazy-making. If I had to make a guess, I would say I am running too few miles during the week and too many of the weekend-- but here's the thing: that is how I love to run. If I had my choice I would run little to no weekday miles and a million on the weekend. The primary reason for this is that the weekdays are so busy, I am lucky if I can fit in a few pavement miles between errands/appointments/volunteering/whathaveyou. That isn't my favorite way to run. I would rather head for the hills for several hours, losing myself in the woods and the long miles. 

So I decided the plan now is "Do What is Fun". Here's what is fun: I am attempting to train my dog, a Poodle/Australian Shepherd mix, to run with me. Likely I biting off more than I can chew, as Heidi (the dog) doesn't seem to love running and can be excitable/aggressive when she sees other dogs. So I have a big bag of treats that I shovel in to her and am using all the positive reinforcement I can muster. Hopefully she can be molded in to my new running BFF.

Heidi and I taking a break on a rainy morning run/walk.

I am letting go of my concern about too-long weekend long runs and embracing time with friends. Stacey and I are gung-ho about exploring new-to-us trails, which is super exciting. Also, this weekend I finally, finally!, get to run with Sally again. 

Miss running with this girl! 
Sally and I on an Alki run last March. 

During the week I am loving strength training workouts with Sarah and yoga classes. I guess, in general, it doesn't look that much different than a formal training plan, except for the approach to it. I am doing it because it's fun, not because it's on a piece of paper. See the difference? Okay, me neither.

On Tuesday I had a wonderful massage by a West Seattle massage therapist. This was exciting, because I had yet to find a new massage therapist who was both in my 'hood AND awesome. Massages are fun, so I am glad Sarah told me about a good deal at a local place that I could take advantage of. 

Thankfully I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping (thank you, Amazon!), creating photo books, and mailing out packages to far-away relatives. Whew. Now I am down to the rest of the list which feels vaguely manageable. No matter how thin I stretch myself emotionally, physically, financially at Christmas time, it never feels like it is enough. Does anyone else feel like this? It is frustrating that every cause I want to support is asking for more donations of money and time around Christmas-- exactly when both of those things are in short supply and I can't do it all. Ugh! Guilt city. Besides the guilt, Christmas is fun! 

This year I am super excited that my husband's sister's family is coming to our house on Christmas day. Usually it is just the four of us chilling at home-- which is actually very fun, but this year it will feel more festive to have extended family here. I decided we will have a big taco bar for dinner, how awesome is that?! 

Anyways, that's what is fun (mostly) right now. 

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