Monday, December 01, 2014

Two Weeks Off and Looking Ahead

I spent the last two weeks doing almost nothing. A bit of yoga was about it! In fact, this past week I did four days of yoga (usually I just do two) and it was so lovely to be on my mat a bit more. In addition to yoga I just appreciated the small stretches of walking I do each day to get the girls to school. 

After yoga class on Thanksgiving day I headed out for my first run post-marathon. A three mile spin through Lincoln Park and just like that I was moving on past the marathon. My body felt pretty much normal except for a little creakiness. And heck, even creakiness isn't terribly uncommon for me these days!

On Saturday morning I met up with Stacey for a run at Cougar Mountain with the High Heels Running Group. Stacey was kind enough to pick me up since I was feeling chicken about driving myself-- we had snow in the Seattle area! Just for the morning, and it was so, so glorious. Here is the group pre-run:

Photo taken by a HHRG member that isn't me.

The trails were incredible, other than some mushiness and puddles left over from the torrential rain we had the day prior. I enjoyed every step of the run and my body felt great the whole time. Doing a longer run at Cougar felt like I was semi back at it.

I say "semi" because I don't officially begin training again for two more months, but between now and then I have to make sure my fitness level is where it needs to be come January 26th to start off running a 25 mile week-- and just add more mileage from there! Getting my long runs up to 10-12 miles or so would be nice, and absolutely do-able, as well. 

Mostly what I need to focus on in this time is strength training, which will be tricky. I envisioned that I would do my workouts inside once the weather got bad enough to not be able to do them outside . . . but, I just don't. I really need to temporarily join a new gym! 

The past week was filled with all sorts of fun. We went to Great Wolf Lodge for two nights! Two nights > one night, I have decided. Thanksgiving was wonderful, though I didn't take a single picture of the entire day. Started with yoga, then a run, then home to get my share of the feast ready before heading over to our friends' house for the big meal. We have such a wonderful time with their family and I think I realized this year that Thanksgiving might be my very favorite holiday. At least the way we celebrate it, it is! Relaxing with friends and catching up before eating an amazing meal capped off by out of this world desserts. Apparently I adore pecan pie. Who knew?! This year after dinner the Seahawks played and it was such a fun game to watch. Back in time to get the girls in bed . . . but then Eloise woke up in the night with a fever. The Thanksgiving curse! Timehop reminded me that at least two of the last five years one or both of my girls have been sick on this day. I recall several instances since they were babies of one of them spending the evening puking, or getting sick later that weekend. Interesting, no? Why always the same time? 

Sadly, Thanksgiving being over means it is December, and I'm not looking forward to December. It is such a crazy-busy month for us, as it is for most people, so it will be nice when Christmas arrives and the whirlwind of everything is in the rearview mirror. 

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