Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Dec 15- Dec 21

Will call this week the one with the fleas. UGH. Apparently all of our pets have fleas, which I didn't even realize they could get if they weren't ever around other pets. But they can! Fleas can come in the house on people's or pet's bodies! Let this be a lesson to you. And your second lesson is, if you go out on a crazy pre-holiday Saturday to pick up flea medicine from your vet, double check that they gave you the right stuff, otherwise you might get home and realize they gave you medicine for two dogs and a cat, instead of two cats and a dog. My very nice husband offered to go get the right stuff. Fleas be darned, I was NOT going back out there. 


So besides that (and isn't that enough?) the week in workouts has been . . . okay. Actually, mostly really good stuff, some annoying stuff. The annoying is that my right hip is, for lack of a better work, achy. Like, the entire hip. I have stretched and foam rolled and used my yoga tune up balls and got a massage and while those things provide some temporary relief, it's not fixing it. Off to the chiropractor I go-- it's been five weeks since I was last there, no wonder I'm falling apart!

The name of the game this past week was getting out as much as I felt like, especially with my pup, who I am trying to turn in to a runner. You know what I think is wrong with my dog? I think maybe she doesn't even like being outside all that much. Isn't that weird? I was telling my friend Sally about it, like, you know how most dogs get super excited when you take their leash out? Well, Heidi ducks her head down and walks towards me very, very, very slowly. LIKE SHE'S IN TROUBLE. That's the exact opposite of being excited. As I run with her, even on the trail (more about that in a second) I have to keep encouraging her to keep running with me. So, anyways, she isn't taking to the whole idea, but I'm not yet convinced she can't be trained to, well, act like a dog

Total Miles Run: 13.6

Monday: Rest-ish

I did some yoga at home, since I skipped class to do a billion things on my to-do list.

Tuesday: Strength

Met Sarah at the gym, we focused primarily on legs, a little on arms.

Wednesday: 2 Mile Run/Walk 

A little run/walk with Heidi, about two miles worth. 

Thursday: 3 Mile Run

I took Heidi out to Cougar Mountain and did a three mile loop. She was so funny. I had her on the leash because first, it's the law (despite only seeing like two other dogs ever on leashes at Cougar) and second, because she is unpredictable around other dogs. About half way in I was so frustrated trying to run and keep her in front of or behind me (rarely able to run side by side on the trail) I let her off the leash. Such a law breaker! Here's the funny thing: she ran behind me the whole rest of the way. She trotted along, never moving faster even when I did. I coaxed her to a stream to drink, but other than that she stayed right behind me. Silly dog. She was so pooped afterwards, she crashed out in the car.

Chillin' on the trail.

Sleeping in the car at Starbucks. 

Someone decorated the cougars on Cougar Mountain Way!

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 6.6 Mile Run

I met up with Sally for the first time in a looooong time. I was originally thinking roughly 11 or so miles, but my hip was aching enough that I decided to do less. It was a good choice, despite my hip never once hurting while we ran. I have nothing to "prove" right now, so lower mileage is good. Of course, 6.6 miles barely felt like enough time to catch up. Races, jobs, weddings, travel (damn, I forgot to ask her about Hawaii!), everything else crammed in to a very wet hour long run. 

We ran from Fremont to Ballard then across the Ballard Locks then back to Fremont via Magnolia/the Fremont Bridge. It's a nice route, almost all very flat, and the locks are so cool. 

Sunday: 2 Mile Run

Grabbed my dog and my daughter and headed out for a 2 mile twilight run. It has been since I have run that late in the day! We had fun and did some running and walking and my ten year didn't even complain. Jury is still out on the dog, but I think she liked being out of the house. 

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