Friday, January 30, 2015

Mid-Week Longish Run

The most annoying thing happened to me on my run on Thursday. I made the rookie mistake of not making sure my Garmin was charged before I left the house. Ugh! I thought that I was so smart in charging it in the car on the way to the trail, but sadly the 30 minute charge only got me 3 miles worth of running. At the start of the run I thought "no worries, I will use Strava on my phone!" Well, those same 3 miles drained my phone battery 20%-- and I only had 40% to start with. Knowing that it is never a good idea to be in the woods with a drained phone, I shut it off and ran the rest of my run by time. I knew when I had to be back at the trailhead and gauged the rest of the run by that.

Unfortunately I must have been moving much, much slower than I thought. I gave myself a 15 minutes per mile allowance so my planned 7 miles should have taken me 1:45. I finished the run in 1:45 and when I got home and plotted the route online it said I only ran 6 miles. UGH. I do not know how I have slowed down so much, but that felt incredibly defeating. Maybe I spent more time staring at the waterfall than I thought? At least I did the time on my feet that I planned, so that was good. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out at Cougar Mountain. The sun was shining, the trails were mostly dry, it was glorious. I ran a bunch of new trails and found another waterfall! I thoroughly enjoyed this new route. 

This is Far Country Falls.

Here is the map of the run. Start at Red Town Trailhead. The section on Wildside Trail is used to run out at the beginning then back at the end, like the stick of the lollipop!

When I plugged this route in to Map My Hike and it said the total elevation gain was 1,023 feet. 

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