Monday, January 19, 2015

Road Miles

On Thursday morning I got up and headed right out the door to run first thing, which is something I rarely do. Despite it being early (for me) and being a bit behind on sleep from being home with a sick little girl, my legs were ready to go! In the interest of my goal of "climbing mountains", I headed out the door and straight towards one of the tallest and longest hills in the area. After powering straight up I was rewarded with an amazing view of Elliot Bay, downtown, and the Cascades off in the distance right as the sun was turning everything a million shades of copper. I took the back way down to Alki, then headed off to tackle one more hill before running back home. All in all, just under 500 feet of elevation gain. Not bad for a run before breakfast!

Lately I have been annoyed that I can't quite figure out how to factor in trail AND road miles in to my training. I can't tell if I should be paying attention to mileage or time on my feet! So, for instance, last weekend I did 11.6 miles on the trails in just over 3 hours. This weekend I did 13.1 miles on the roads in about 2 1/2 hours. Which would be harder? 

My body didn't love the road miles on Sunday. About half mile from the end my right hip just started to really hurt. Every step felt painful. If I had run those miles on the trail, would the same thing have happened? Well, obviously that is really hard to know. I DO know that I won't be running any farther than that on roads during the next training cycle!

Sally (who had already run 7 before I joined her) and I took on a fun route for the 13.1. Unfortunately it ended a wee bit short so we did a bit of an out and back at the end.

The route.
The elevation. 852 feet of gain.

My goal was to hit some big hills, which we succeeded in-- both out of the way early on, fortunately! After that we just had to contend with strong winds and driving rain, you know, stuff that makes running a total bitch. Between the hills and the weather, we were pretty slow, but it was simply nice to catch up with Sally. It just wasn't my most favorite run ever, but it built character and it does feel good to say I ran a half marathon for fun outside of my training program!

One more week "off" before 50K training officially starts!

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