Monday, January 12, 2015

Running, Walking, and Elevation Galore

I didn't make any resolutions or goals for 2014-- I knew that my only goal for that year, and every year, would be to stay healthy enough to keep running farther and farther distances. Goal met, I would say!

Despite telling myself that goals, or rather more goals than my usual (see above), weren't really necessary for 2015 I kept coming back to some things that I would like to focus on. 

The first one stems from my "theme" for the year, which is Climb Mountains. In the past I have always tracked my miles run, which mostly worked okay. I also walk a lot, but don't log those miles, and then I wondered, what is my goal with tracking miles? Well, I really want to know how much ground I cover over the course of a week, month and year. This year I am using a google spreadsheet to log every run and walk. In addition, I am logging the elevation gain of every walk and run. 

My mileage goal for the year (walking and running) is 1,000 miles. If I stay un-injured, this should be easily do-able. I hit 700 running miles in 2014 with a lot of time off and likely walked at least 300. My elevation goal for the year is 100,000 feet. Again, if I stay un-injured, I can reach this goal with almost daily movement and some long, hilly training runs and races. 

So, anyways, in my first week of tracking this I had a total of 23.6 miles, running and walking, and 4,400 feet of elevation gain.

Almost 75% of this elevation came from Sunday's long run. Stacey needed some serious elevation training for the Orcas 25k and I was more than happy to bum along on a run up Tiger Mountain. And why not throw in a jaunt around Grand Ridge for some more hills?

The view from the almost top of West Tiger 3. 
My camera didn't do it justice.
Stacey admiring the view. Those clouds were slowly climbing up the mountain, 
it was very cool to watch. 

Stacey climbing to the top.

The elevation of the run.

It was a fantastic, and pretty brutal, run. My quads were a weeeeee bit sore. One wonderful thing about it was that the climb up, as well as the descent, weren't nearly as difficult as they were last time I did them in September. Yay for progress!

I enjoyed showing Stacey Grand Ridge, aka the scene of my marathon. Hopefully we get some more runs in out there. Despite the elevation looking pathetic next to Tiger, it is a serious challenge!

Two more weeks "off" until 50k training begins! 


  1. What a cool idea to track elevation! I'm no trail runner, but I do like looking at elevation numbers after a hilly run.


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