Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday Long Run at Cougar Mountain

One of my goals for the year is to get to know the trails at Cougar Mountain very well. I would love to be able to run out there and always know where I am and always know what trails to run to get in the miles I need.

On Saturday I headed out to Cougar for a solo run. The great things about solo runs are that when you are feeling lazy, you can roll out of bed whenever you are (finally) ready. You are also able to run wherever you want, making up the route as you go. And, as was the case for me that day, you are allowed to walk as much as you want. It felt like I was battling the beginning of a cold and my energy wasn't where I would have preferred so I just really took my time to cover the miles. 

I thought it would be fun to start occasionally sharing some of my routes on the blog, in case any of you want to use them and also so I can remember them!

This run was 7.3 miles from the Sky Country Trailhead. One thing to note: I did an out and back to the Fantastic Erratic Boulder on the Bear Ridge Trail. Also to note, the Coyote Creek Trail is not marked off of Clay Pit Road. If you are running east on Clay Pit Road from the trailhead, Coyote Creek Trail is the first trail you will see off to the left.  

The elevation profile of this route is below. It is 1,305 feet of elevation gain. 

There were SO MANY wonderful things to see on this run! 

The boulder was kind of neat. I also passed by the mine shaft for the first time (spooky!). I was delighted to find one of the waterfalls at Cougar, as well, which was gorgeous. It was sweet to come up on a woodpecker working holes in to a dead tree, too.

Trail running never, ever is boring. It can be hard and and messy and exhausting as hell, but never boring.

Coal Creek Falls.

View down from the top of the boulder.

A pond.

Saturday's run brought me to 22.2 miles ran/walked with a total of 2896 feet of elevation gain for the week.

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