Monday, January 05, 2015

So This Is the New Year

MAN. I hate to say it, but I am glad the holidays are over. It don't remember the last time I felt so stressed and rushed over what is supposed to be a fun and celebratory time of year. Ugh. And I know I should be able to let stuff go, and be okay, but I DID let stuff go (and caught grief for it) and it was still somehow just a lot to manage. Come New Year's day I was totally sick, I think more like my body was just d.o.n.e. Last week I did zero exercising. Zero runs. Eventually I was okay with it, because A. I just couldn't run, and B. I am not currently training, anyways, so no better time to feel terrible.

It felt kind of sucky to lay in bed and check instagram and see how everyone is "ohmygod I ran a million miles and lifted a ton of weights!" on New Year's Day.  The one nice thing that came out of it, though, is that once January 3rd hit and I was feeling almost 100% again I had a new-found resolve to just kick more ass in 2015. I mean, yeah, everyone feels that way, right? The trick is figuring out how to harness that enthusiasm and build off of it all year long. 

I came across a blog post by an athlete who recommended a calendar to track daily progress of a larger goal. Small steps create big successes. The idea resonated with me, so I found a calendar online for free and printed it off. I intend to use it to mark off my daily strength and foam rolling exercises. One check every day. At all of those little steps will make one big strong me not only for my 50k in May, but for the rest of the year, too.

Here's what my calendar looks like hanging up:

You can print your own HERE!

The theme I have adopted so far for the year is Climb Mountains. Both figuratively and literally. One step at a time.

I had an amazing solo run at Cougar Mountain on Christmas Eve and, despite some other okay runs later that week, I sort of considered it my last run of the year. On Sunday I had my first official run of the year back at Cougar. I love that place so much. My goal this year is to get to know the trails more so I am not taking wrong turns every single time I try to go somewhere new (I am sure Stacey loves it when I tell her I want to take new trails and then don't know where to go!). So surely, over the course of 50k training, I will figure that place out. 

It has been very wet, and amazingly beautiful, out there. 

Here's what my shoes looked like after Sunday's run (you will have to imagine how soaked they were):

These are the Pearl Izumi Trail M2s. I love them. At first I really preferred my New Balance Leadville 1210s but now I am finding myself grabbing these just as often, especially for shorter or muddier/wetter runs. And yes, these are men's. I have been wearing men's running shoes for almost a year now, and while I didn't feel cramped before the switch, I do love the extra room in men's shoes. 

On Christmas Eve I tried to get some fun shots on the trails. Succeeded, I think! 

Fog in the trees.

Self-timer shot walking over a REALLY HIGH stream. 
Usually it is much lower!

I managed to sign up for yet another race-- that would bring my total to FOUR. Wow, I am dumb. Likely I am just testing fate by doing such a thing. I registered for a March half marathon, with Tara!, and we will have to tack on seven more miles at the end (pssst, Tara, I am taking you to Cougar! See above!) to total 20 that day. 

There is now a race in February, March, April and May. Kind of sort of have my eye on a race next weekend, and then I thought, hmmm, is this a fun new thing? A race a month? We'll see. But I really need to stop registering for races because it isn't smart. 


  1. The new you IS able to register for races!! And I LOVE that calendar idea - I have to steal that idea

  2. That's a great photo of the bridge and stream with the ferns, too. That's a lot of races for the new year! I have a half marathon and a marathon that I'm looking forward to in February.

    1. Thank you! A winter marathon sounds like such a fun way to keep up the running motivation through the holidays.


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