Monday, February 09, 2015

Frost Eagle Half Marathon Race Recap

Do you like mud?

Do you like rain?

Do you like sometimes knee-deep puddles?

Then the Frost Eagle Half Marathon is for you!

(sorry, I couldn't help but write my intro in the way the 2nd and 3rd graders I work with at school are writing their persuasive reviews . . . . )

Holy cow. I will start with this gem:

Smiling big, because why not?

I really loved this race. It was put on by Northwest Trail Runs at Soaring Eagle Park and there was also a 5 mile option. The trails were insane-- mud, mud puddles, and portions where the trail turned in to a stream (see above). There was a couple of very short sections without puddles, otherwise it felt like every few steps-- SPLOOSH-- right in to a puddle. At first myself and the folks around me were trying to go around the puddles. Once we got to the portion pictured above there was clearly no way through but through. After that I went straight through pretty much every puddle, albeit somewhat cautiously. It was impossible to of know how deep they are without stepping in to them. A few moments after this picture was taken I stepped in to a hole that was up to the hem of my shorts! Luckily I never fell, but I watched a poor guy in front of me take an epic tumble, eventually landing on his back. Mercifully, the course was only small, rolling hills, so we didn't have to hike up (or slide down) any major ascents. 

Due to the mud it was very, very hard and slow going. Which is normally A-OK by me, but I was trying to get to Iris's basketball game after the run so I attempted to haul ass. I finished in 24th out of 52 women who completed the half. So not fast overall, but fast for me. I wanted to run this as a training run but it became clear that if I lollygagged through the course I would've totally missed the game. Interestingly, more women than men ran this race! Love that! 

Race photo from Michael Lake Photography.

The half marathon was only 12.1 miles according to my Garmin. I am curious if that is just me or was the course really that short? At any rate, I was glad about it (see above mentioned time-crunch and slow going). We did two loops of the course. The first loop was fairly dense with runners but on the second loop I spent significant chunks of time without getting passed or passing anyone. 

I didn't use the aid stations, but they looked well stocked and the volunteers were friendly!

In the porta-potty line I made friends with a really nice woman and the two girls who I asked to stop and take pictures with were super kind, as well. I appreciated them so much as I was running the race without any buddies. 

Once I crossed the finish line I looped past the table to snacks to check it out and then kept moving right towards the car which was parked about half mile away. Luckily I made it to the game a few minutes after it started!

Definitely looking forward to running this race again next year. I hope it's just as muddy! 

Once I got my shoes off, this is what my feet looked like. Glad I had my Injinjis on!


  1. Hahaha, so, how muddy did your car seats get, and did you clean up before going to watch Iris's basketball game?

    1. Fortunately it was so wet and rainy out that besides my feet, I wasn't all that muddy. I did have a beach towel for the car seat, though. I wiped myself down and changed in the car! Nothing like trying to be inconspicuous as you tear off a wet sports bra in a car, haha.


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