Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Long Run on Valentine's Day

These weekend long runs are no joke. I haven't even gotten up to my "drop back" level of weekend running, which will be 16 miles once my mileage gets in to the 20s for my long runs. While I do absolutely love these long runs, they take for.ev.er. to do. 14 miles (well, 14.4 to be precise) took me 3:30 total, plus driving time I was looking at about 4 and a half hours of being gone for my run. Luckily life is such that it works out okay for my family for me to do this, but dang, it's a lot of time. I don't do any training during the weekdays outside of the time the kids are at school, so this is my big chunk of time to be away during the week.

Approaching a very cool log bridge on the route.

Saturday's run was a lot of fun. Due to conflicting schedules for the past few weeks I haven't run with Stacey, but yesterday was able to meet her and a couple of her friends for just over 9 miles. While I do really enjoy running alone, running with friends made the time absolutely fly by. It certainly didn't hurt that the weather in Seattle has been ah.may.zing. recently. Felt comfortable on the run in short sleeves and capris, easily could have worn shorts.

Things are even blooming already in Seattle! (This picture was NOT from my run):

Blooming teeny irises.

My total mileage running and walking for the week was 32.4, with 3,676 feet of elevation gain. I also did two strength workouts, one barre workout, one swim workout and one session of yoga. 

Getting 14+ miles in to start the weekend was a good call, because the rest of the weekend was spent consuming delicious junk food. For Valentine's day Matt and I brought the girls on a date, which meant dinner and a movie. We saw the new SpongeBob movie, which was "eh". We are big SpongeBob fans in this house, though, so it was still kind of fun. The kids really liked it! I snuck in some Necco wafers as my snack. Remember those? Oh, so good. They are mostly good, rather, until you get to the one kind that tastes like dish soap. 

The licorice ones are the best.

After the movie we were pleasantly surprised that the restaurant next to the theater had plenty of open seating, so we ducked in there for dinner. I ate a "fishwich" with fries, which isn't my usual dinner choice, but it sounded (and tasted!) great at the time. 

In the past I have not necessarily looked forward to rest days, they were just another day on the training calendar. Now I definitely can't wait for them. It makes my long run easier knowing I can spend the next day being lazier! 

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