Monday, February 23, 2015

Long Run Saturday

Whew, I did it! My third longest run ever, though I am not sure it *technically* counts (counts towards what, I don't know . . . ) because it was broken up in to two runs.

I planned to do 8 miles in the morning before some mid-day things we had to accomplish, then 8 miles later in the afternoon. What I ended up doing was 8.75 miles around West Seattle (which included a terrible headwind on Alki!) and then 7.75 at Cougar Mountain. So, 16.5 all together. In the morning I was just heading in to as if it were just something to get through. I especially wasn't excited about the spin around the pavement, mostly because running the same old streets AGAIN is boooooring. That run ended up being pretty much fine, I felt really strong after I got my only major climb over with!

After the run I went to watch Iris's basketball game, which was a nail biter! Right down to the last second, we weren't sure who would win! Sadly, it wasn't our girls. We lost by ONE POINT. It was a great game. 

Then after some lunch and girl scout cookies and chores, it was time to head out to the trails. Before I set out I gave my route a little thought and came up with what I hoped would be the right length. While it meant I ended up with 1/2 a mile more than planned for the day, it was worth it. I hit some great spots out on Cougar and did tons of climbing. 

If you do this run, here's the way I did it: Start from Sky Country Trailhead and go south on Nike Horse Trail. Follow route to Shy Bear Trail and turn LEFT. From there go to Whittaker Wilderness Peak Trail and follow the route back up to Long View Peak Trail and go LEFT. Then follow the route around back to Shy Bear Trail. Take a LEFT on Fred's Railroad Trail and then follow the route back to the trailhead. My Garmin told me that was 7.75-- soooo, roughly 8. 

The elevation from both runs. Kind of funny looking! 
I thought that first bump was a giant hill! 

That route passes my favorite falls (Coal Creek) and then gives you the long awesome downhill on Gombu Wilderness Cliffs Trail and the beautiful uphill on Whittaker Wilderness, which also has some fun bridges and other things to see. It is on Deceiver or Shy Bear Trail (maybe both?) where there are more bridges. 

I decided to run with music while at Cougar, which I haven't ever done on the trail before except for at the very end of my marathon. These days I claim to be a "no music" person on the trail, but man, I absolutely LOVED having some tunes for this run. It kept me upbeat for sure. Hopefully no one heard me belting out "IIIIIIIII want to swiiiiiing, from a chaaaandeliiiiiier!!!!!" as I flew (okay, tiptoed like a pansy) down the Cliffs Trail, haha. Not sure if I will use music more often, as I do love to just listen to nature when I am out there, but I greatly enjoyed it on Saturday. 

Post run(s) selfie and gratuitous Garmin shot.

The week ended with 31.6 miles run and 6100 (!) feet of elevation gain. My mileage was actually lower than last week (by one mile) but I feel solid about it, because I spent so much time climbing that I still put in the time on my feet.

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