Monday, February 02, 2015

Saturday Long Run and Re-Thinking the Training Program

Saturday marked the first long run of my 50k training cycle. Stacey was away running the Orcas Island 25k and I passed on a road run with Sally because I needed some trail time (one of these days I will get her out there with me!). I did 10 miles at Cougar and it was absolutely fantastic. Where I was shocked that I couldn't pull off 7 miles at a 15 min/mile on Thursday, on Saturday I maintained exactly that pace overall-- which included some stops to read the map, to take in the sights and also snap some photos. There was some (admittedly flat or downhill) portions where I was just flying (my version of flying) down the trail with speed I rarely see when I'm in the woods. It was so much fun!

The route was 9.8 miles, and I added on .2 at the end with a little out on back on the Nike Horse Trail to make it an even 10. To run this, start at Sky Country Trailhead and head East on Old Man's Trail and then follow the loop!

My favorite part of this whole run was the Whittaker Wilderness Trail. "The Boulders" were very cool, and there was a long, windy walkway built out of boards:

I love all of the bridges and walkways on Cougar. They make my heart feel super happy.

Saturday's run brought my mileage for the week to 25 miles with 4307 feet of elevation gain.

After some chatting with my chiropractor, who knows a thing or two about a thing or two, we found some agreement about the best use of my time spent training-- which actually will cut the amount of time I spend running down even further. Going to give it a try and see how it feels, though I am pretty sure it will work well. I seem to do okay showing up at starting lines "under trained" as I typically run even fewer miles than the lowest training plan I can find! 

Anyways, what I'm going to try is three days of running. A short-ish, medium-ish and long run. Then I will add two classes in, one yoga, and I am going to try out barre and pilates to see if they are good subs for a second yoga class. Then I will keep my two strength training sessions, and work harder to make them quality workouts that keep my heart rate up. Lastly, I will add in swimming. This works out to something like this, which is next week's schedule:

Week: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
2. Feb 2- Feb 84 miles + strengthBarre Swim + Strength 7 miles YogaFrost Eagle 1/2 marathonOFF

In addition to all of that I do several miles of walking each week, which includes some major hills. 

I am pretty excited about this schedule, and to see how successful I am in staying healthy and running a strong 50k in May! 

In other news, I am running an offical half marathon this coming weekend. Super excited about it, as I have never run at Soaring Eagle park! It should be a lot of fun.

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