Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week Three of Training Random Thoughts

Random thoughts for today.

*The world is so very small sometimes. I was looking at a group I belong to on Facebook the other night, a group for which I haven't checked the posts in months. I came across a post by a friend I knew, what, 23 years ago? And then, later, I came across a post where that friend referenced another guy I knew in college, so about 16 years ago. Never would have guessed they would be connected to each other. For all that I hate about Facebook, little things like that just make me smile. Just a tiny connection like that, couldn't have been made without Facebook.

Have you ever made a totally random connection on Facebook? I am guessing most of us have!

*I am in to week three of 50k training. It is hard, I won't lie. Well, I pretty much explained that last week. Running the miles is hard enough, but I am absolutely determined to get stronger and stay (relatively) injury-free this training cycle!

*While I haven't been full-blown injured yet, I feel like it's still always something. Like my body is a whack-a-mole game with things popping up. Stupid, annoying stuff. Lately it's been my right hip and the bottom of my left foot. Luckily my chiropractor is helping me stay on top of it, but I would be lying if I said it didn't make me really nervous. Of course, with my history, every little ache makes me want to freak. Nothing is bad, nothing is unmanageable, thank goodness. It's just really annoying. 

*The other day I dug out my old workouts notebook from when I was strength training regularly (when I was too injured to run) a couple of years ago. I recorded each workout and the weights I used. It is sad and hilarious to see how much weaker I am now. Ah, well. 

*One great thing is that I was pleased to see I have dropped a few pounds in the past few weeks since the holidays. While I am not dieting and exercising with the intention of losing weight, it is a lovely result of being a more mindful eater and working out more in this training cycle. Getting closer to my preferred weight hopefully means I getting a bit more lean. Building muscle + getting leaner = running better and running farther! Of course, as I write this I am snacking directly out of a bag of chocolate macaroon granola . . . 

*Last week I ran and walked ~30 miles with 2,755 feet of elevation gain. Slowly creeping my mileage upwards! Making progress!

*I also think I have stretched myself a wee bit too thin in terms of my need to (okay, let's be honest, my desire to) track all of my workouts. I have my handy chart at home to track my PT work, I have a training notebook to track my workouts and all of that, I have a spreadsheet on my computer to track mileage and elevation gain, and I have been trying to log things in to online. So far I have lost track of dailymile. I tend to enter things about 5 days late at a time in to my training notebook. Mostly staying on top of my spreadsheet otherwise I will definitely forget it all together. My PT chart is working okay, all that needs is a red X in a box and it is hanging on the wall right next to wear I do those exercises. Goodness. I might spend as much time logging workouts as I spend doing them! 

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  1. Whack a mole--hilarious and true. Good job on your training. I am also a data geek when it comes to running workouts, but I need to track my strength workouts better.


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