Wednesday, March 25, 2015

22 is Tough

Okay, no longer feeling 22. Ha.

I won't lie, that run was pretty rough sprinkled with a few parts that were really nice. 

My good friend Sally came to pick me up bright and early. Thanks, Sally! We started our run in Fremont and ran to Magnolia, did two loops on the Discovery Park trail loop and then back to Fremont via the Ballard Locks and Ballard. The weather during this part was interesting. We got some sun, some rain, lots of wind. Even saw a rainbow!

I said goodbye to Sally at 13 miles and started on my way towards home. At that point it was nice and sunny, though a little windy. I kept looking down to keep my baseball cap from flying off and eventually just had to remove it and stuff it in my pack. My original plan was to run east along the Burke Gilman, then across the Montlake Bridge and south through Capitol Hill all the way down to the International District. I was able to run a bit further than originally planned with Sally so I took a shortcut home, but unfortunately not the most fun shortcut. I went south from Fremont along Westlake, then through south Lake Union by the Amazon campus, then up to Capitol Hill via Boren then Pine, then south on Broadway. I think I hit every. single. stoplight. It was really frustrating, though part of me loved the constant forced breaks. Finally made it down to the I.D. and had a quick jaunt through there until I made my way over to the Elliot Bay Trail. This section was incredibly boring, and once I hit East Marginal Way the wind was straight at my face. It sucked. The wind was a bit better once I turned west on to the West Seattle Bridge Trail. The sky looked threatening, but luckily it only sprinkled a bit. I ended the run at a coffee shop, where I got a fancy drink and a chocolate chip cookie to inhale on the way home.

Anyways, the second part of the run wasn't anything to write home about, it was more like a "get it done" sort of thing. Though it is cool to know I ran through so many neighborhoods all in one run! It would be fun to try that again sometime and cover different neighborhoods.

The run was really hard, though. At different points my legs and/or feet were hurting, but luckily nothing painful. Mostly my legs were just kind of annoyed with me, I think. That is a long ways for me to run on mostly pavement (save for the two loops at Discovery Park). My feet were definitely not amused and two blisters popped up on my left foot.

So I am suddenly feeling tentative about my 24 miler, but I think the 26 miler I will be able to do as trail marathon race and that will be nice.


  1. Wow girl! Yeah, running on pavement is no joke at those distances, and you covered quite a few hills as well. AWESOME!!! Curious to see where you'll go on your 24 mile route. Keep taking good care of yourself! I spent a lot of time icing my legs and drinking chocolate milk after those long runs. How many weeks until the ultra?

    1. I seriously don't know how people training for a marathon on pavement do it. OUCH. Ice and chocolate milk is a great idea! I would definitely like to take more ice baths, but sadly we don't have a bathtub. Maybe I just need to pile bags of ice all over my lower half, haha. I think seven more weeks until the race?! Yikes!

    2. I didn't/don't do ice baths - just ice packs on my legs while wrapped up in a cozy sweater and warm socks! 7 weeks?! I'm so excited for you!


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