Monday, March 02, 2015


Things are continuing to move along in 50k training land. Hit every workout this week, except for one (sorta).

Despite starting out pretty well, Sunday's long run ended up being quite tough. My plan is always to run on Saturday and rest on Sunday, but it didn't quite work out this week. It means that my 20 miler will be only six days away, instead of seven, which is actually more significant than it sounds!

I met my friend Brooke out at Cougar, she had 12 to do, I had 18. I planned a great route, albeit a pretty hilly one. It felt like we were hiking as much as we were running, and that started to drain on our energy levels. Our 12 miler, which I estimated we would run in 3 hours, ended up being close to 3 1/2 hours. Once I said goodbye to Brooke and headed back out, I was just feeling DONE. Everything hurt, and while some food perked my energy levels back up, nothing was helping my lower limbs. My legs didn't want to move, my hamstrings didn't want to hop over anything. I ended up cutting the run short to 17 miles. It was disappointing, but I still ran for over 4 1/2 hours, which is how long I thought 18 would have taken.

Once I looked at the elevation at home, however, it really made sense why the run felt so hard on my legs. It ended up being the second most elevation I have ever done in a single run, behind my marathon. 

With 3,288 feet of elevation gain, the run was no joke!

Brooke and I at the 12 mile mark. Tired girls!

It also was tough just to be gone that long for a run. Out the door at 7:30am, back home just after 1:30pm. I felt like the amount of time was overwhelming and it meant missing out on a lot time I would typically spend with my family. There are some runs coming up that will take even more time, as well. Starting to wonder if the answer to those runs is something that is part road (or at least flat) and part trail so that I am not out there for 5+ hours of running. 

Sunday's run made for 35.3 miles for the week with a total of 6,282 feet of elevation gain.

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  1. Wow, great job! I can see why you felt tired. If I'm looking at your graph right, you had a 2.5 mile straight uphill after dropping off your friend. That would be quite a downer if I had been in your shoes.

    You are a BEAST! When I was looking for 50ks to do, I told my friends "NEVER EVER Cougar Mountain" because when I tried running the race series, I only made it as far as the 10-miler which took longer than most of my 13.1 times. For your upcoming longer runs, I'd still do trails, but maybe not mountains? I can try and brainstorm some places for you if you want to email me.

    I know you mentioned this in another post, but are you listening to anything on your runs without company? I listened to a lot of podcasts. Audiobooks are another good recommendation.


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