Saturday, March 14, 2015

Roller Coaster Week and Looking Ahead

Feeling glad this week is (almost!) over. It has been quite the roller coaster, leaving me not just sad/upset/excited/hopeful in the moment, but about some things to come, as well.

I was sick-- again-- this week. Not sure what the heck is going on, though my younger daughter has been getting sick more than usual, too, so it's not just me! Being sick meant missing out on some training workouts, which was frustrating after missing some workouts the week before when I was home with a sick little girl. Not much I can do about it, of course, and I am looking at Sunday's long run totally lost about how I should approach it. Try to do the full 16? Take it easy and cut back more on what is already a cut back week? We'll see!

There was also an ultimately good, but still stressful and challenging, meeting about one of my girls. In case you weren't aware: raising kids is crazy hard work. I have attempted a frenzy of activity using the information from the meeting, which was made more difficult by just feeling like total crap.

Then there was also being drop-kicked from some upcoming weekend plans that I super excited about. Extra sting in that I already spent non-refundable money on said weekend. 

The icing on the poop-tastic cake was the most god-awful playdate I might have ever hosted in my home. At one point I was pretty sure my life had morphed in to a sitcom and that there were hidden cameras somewhere documenting the ridiculousness. 

BUT! As all good roller coasters do, there were moments where things went up. There was, when the fever was gone for good, a wonderful yoga class followed by Top Pot donuts and coffee with one of my very favorite people. 

I already ate the maple frosted one.

Then, at the end of the donut/coffee date, I got some amazing, wonderful, perhaps life-changing news regarding my older daughter's school situation. It was something I had been completely stressed out over for many months, so the news felt almost literally like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. 

However, this good news doesn't come without a price. It will mean that I need to get a job to support this amazing opportunity. Getting a job, one that means a lot of hours and earning a reasonable wage, will have significant impacts on my whole family. The obvious impact to me is that, well, I go to work. In the time I was previously taking care of almost all of the household duties, volunteering and training, I will be working. So what will happen to the training? The time I have available will decrease significantly, so this 50k might be it for long distance races for a while, which is fine. It is what it is. And what will become of the household duties? Well, that will be an interesting one! I'm still flushing toilets, turning off lights and closing doors for people that should be more than able to handle such remedial tasks . . . so I think there will be quite the interesting adjustment for the family. 

Thinking about the future and the changes ahead makes me more appreciative than ever that I am able to keep working towards my goal of running this 50k. Training was starting to get hard before I was side-lined for two weeks, and then I just started to feel a bit "doom and gloom" about it. How was I ever going to get there? But knowing this might be my one chance for a little while makes my resolve harden just a bit. 

Onwards and upwards. Always. 

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  1. I'm so happy for your oldest...sounds like really good news. :) Excited to hear about your new job, too. I'm glad your week had lots of good stuff to balance out the crap. x


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