Monday, April 06, 2015

3 Days and 33 Miles

This week of training ended up being a bit broken up, but a lot of fun. The scheduled long run was 24 miles and I originally thought I was going to have to sneak in 12 miles before a long drive on Saturday, then do 12 more miles when my family got to our destination. It ended up working out much better for me to do 12 miles on Friday night and then 12 more Saturday morning before the car trip.

My three day streak started with 9 miles on Thursday at Discovery Park in the afternoon, 12 miles around sunset on the streets in West Seattle on Friday night, 12 miles just after sunrise on Saturday morning at Cougar Mountain. 

I have been enjoying running at Discovery Park for many reasons, but one being that I can generally keep a bit quicker pace than I can at Cougar. It was nice to be able to do 9 miles in just under two hours (sometimes at Cougar I can only do 8 in the same amount of time). It was a sunny, perfect day for running. The views from the beach never fail to make me stop and stare. 

Had fun with the panorama feature on my phone on South Beach at Discovery Park.

On Friday morning I went to yoga class. It was a new-to-me class that I mostly enjoyed. This class had mirrors on the walls, which was a blessing/curse. It certainly made it easier to self-correct on certain poses, but holy cow. I am even less flexible than I previously thought. It was always obvious that my hamstrings are tight and that makes it generally impossible for me to touch my toes, but I realized while watching myself that my back is also really tight! It is impossible to keep a truly flat back in many poses. The yoga did help stretch me out a bit for the work to come . . .

I started that evening's run just after 6:00 pm. I ran down to Lincoln Park, where I saw seals swimming close to shore!, then north on Beach Drive, on to Alki Ave, then snaked around towards home. It was all on the road except for a teeny bit in the park. This run showed me how completely ADD I have become on runs. I am so used to stopping and walking on the trails (usually for hills and to eat/drink) but on the road I needed to get more creative with my reasons. Fix my podcast (I started Serial!) on my phone, watch the seals, take my phone out for pictures, stop at bathrooms . . . I had many excuses for walking/stopping. After the sun set the view of downtown from West Seattle was beautiful.

The view.

Once I got home I had to shovel food in my face, shower, throw together my gear for the next morning's run, foam roll, then get my butt in bed.

The alarm went off at 5:45 on Saturday morning. It was time for the last 12 miles and I was excited to meet Sally (who was a trooper and met me despite being sick!) out at Cougar to show her some of the trails. I was worried I would be sore, tired, or just totally over it, but none of those things actually came to fruition. Then run was fantastic. We took our time and tip toed through all of the mud puddles and sauntered up all of the hills. I actually finished the run a bit bummed I didn't have time to keep going!

There was no extra time, however, I had to get home to shower, pack, eat and zoom off to Grandma's for the weekend. My big girl was thrilled I asked her to sit in the front seat for the drive so that I could lounge in the back with my little girl. 

Despicable Me 2, and my view, during the drive.

I remain amazed at how good my body felt after all of this-- including the drive. A bit sore, but no more so than after any other long run. 

Finished the week with 46.6 miles run/walked (my highest week ever!) and 4,494 feet of elevation gain.

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