Monday, April 20, 2015

50k Training Survived Spring Break


Thankfully I was able to fit just about everything in this past week without issue. The girls being home plus my husband being gone for three days made me a wee bit worried, but it ended up being a non-issue. A hike on Tiger Mountain subbed for my usual yoga day and a booty-load of walking around the zoo subbed for my swim and strength day. 

Unfortunately my hamstring has been crankier than I am 100% comfortable with. This is an issue that I have struggled with since I first started running and the increase in miles and elevation seems to be no bueno for the ol' hamstring. I did two runs on Alki this week, a 6.5 miler and then a 13.1 miler for my long run in hopes the super flat wouldn't further aggravate things.

I'm nervous heading in to my biggest week of training-- not only of this cycle, but in my life! If all goes as planned I will be close to 50 miles total for the week. There is also the matter of a full marathon to run next Sunday, and my hamstring needs to hang on for the ride. Speaking of the marathon . . . I've been checking the weather obsessively, and it has just been looking amazing. And then, suddenly there's a 70% chance of rain, as there is the two days before. I really hope this forecast changes again. The marathon is the same park where I ran the half last winter through puddle after puddle after puddle. It was fun, but . . . it would make for a long day to run a full that way. I am also a bit worried because Sally is running the first half with me, and I think that would be extremely tiring for someone not that experienced in trail running. 

We shall see!

Training for this past week was 33.3 miles run/walked with a total elevation gain of 3275. 

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