Friday, April 03, 2015

Almost in the Home Stretch

Once I finish this week of training I will have six weeks left. Twelve down, six to go. 2/3 of the way there. This week will be capped off with a 24 mile run that, due to travelling for Easter, will be split in to two 12 mile runs in one day. Sandwiching a 2 1/2 hour car ride. GULP.

The idea of working my training around everything else has been very prevalent-- which, duh, most people do, right? I just didn't expect to be juggling things even multiple times per week. It's becoming second nature, but it still isn't easy. This 50k training thing is hard, ya'll. Have I mentioned that already? Even my long run cut-back weeks are hard. 16 miles is far! Every other week it is 16 miles. I am fascinated that even though those runs beat me up, I recover quickly and am ready for the next step up the following week. I guess this whole program is working!

My longest run will be 26 miles, so a marathon. I will run a marathon in training, which is sort of blowing my mind. For this run I decided to do it in a race environment (though not "race" it) at the Spring Eagle trail run. I am not exactly sure how long it will take, at least over 5 hours, but it will be great to have the time on my feet since the 50k will likely take roughly 7 hours. Sally is coming to run the first half with me (and if you want to run this race and haven't run a Northwest Trail Run before, let me know and I will send you a code good for half off your first one!).  

So I feel like I'm in the home stretch before the home stretch. Finish this week of training, hold on for two weeks, the get through my biggest week of training, then taper! It's like I am already done, haha. 

Before I registered for the 50k, even after I registered for the race, even a few weeks in to training for it, I just wasn't sure I could even pull it off. Now I feel like I will actually get there. Not 100% yet, I'm not going to start getting cocky, but the fact that my body hasn't given out on me yet is actually pretty amazing. 

In March I managed to run and walk 133.3 miles with a total elevation gain of 13,033. I thought that those numbers were kind of neat. My mileage is going up every month, as it should, but not the elevation. This past month I didn't focus as hard on intentionally gaining a bunch of elevation, which I think my legs appreciated! 

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